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I'm creating a strange custom chapter right now. I have more details with me but I just want to focus on these basic characteristics first. Please let me know what you think. Thanks, Heresy!!!

1) Founded by merging two separate chapters.

Specifically the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Battle Companies of one and the scout company if the other. These units are what remained after the opening chaos of the Night of a Thousand Rebellions. Yup, they're based in Segmentum Pacificus and it's been decades since they merged.

They also have two differing doctrines. The battle companies are an Imperial Fists successor and focus on deep strike and elite forces. The scout company is a successor of the Raven Guard, so super-stealth.

2) 5000 Scouts and 300 Veterans
These are from the Raven Guard successor chapter. The Chapter Master took advantage of the unlimited scouts in the Codex Astartes. These scouts were organized in 10000-man Scout Regiments that operated almost independent of their full battle brothers, and were trained to perform just as well as them. In fact, most of these scouts are more than a century old and contain veteran units of their own.

They provide the bulk of the new chapter and perform all of the tasks that regular battle brothers would in other chapters. The three battle companies are veterans of a campaign that the two chapters undertook together - reclaiming the native sector of the Raven Guard successor (the campaign that reduced both chapters to their current number).

3) Vulnerable to the Warp
All the psykers (latent and known) of the new chapter are vulnerable to the warp for ambiguous causes (heavy concentration of Chaos cultists, possible virus, but it's not proven yet). This means the chapter cannot field psykers and almost always equip their marines with psychic hoods (Any ideas on how they ca produce that many?).

4) Gene Pool, Black Carapace and Power Armor

The condition of each chapter's gene pools are different. The chapter with the scouts still have their gene pool but are no longer able to produce the black carapace. Does this mean they can't make full space marines only or does it prevent them from making new scouts altogether?

The other may simply have lost contact with their gene pool (and the rest of their chapter) and may yet find them in the future.

Another issue is their power armor. I established this chapter to have a very limited number of suits--only enough to equip 3 battle companies and about one squad each regiment (with Slow and Purposeful for lack of a black carapace). However, I do not know just how easily it is to replace lost suits. If they can have a lot of reserves, then each of the scouts can actually have armor with Slow and Purposeful, but that's not what I want. The scouts must be masters of stealth because they lack power armor.

5) Here is a brief breakdown of the troops.

Scout Brother Squad
8 Standard Scouts
Sergeant (commands 1st combat squad)
Brother Aspirant (commands 2nd combat squad)

Carapace Armor
Stalker Bolter (may be upgraded to plasma gun)
Bolt Pistol (may upgrade plasma pistol for Sergeant and Brother Aspirant)
Explosives (including flashbangs, smoke grenades, demolition charges, melta bombs and/or others that may be needed in that specific mission)
Combat Knife (can be upgraded to power knife--ignores armor saves)
Imperial Guard-Issued Helmet--Sv3+ in shooting phase
Communication Mouthpiece (fluff-wise, the mouthpiece is also sound-proof, allowing them to talk through short ranged radio in combat for maximum silence--the mouth piece comes with an earpiece. they talk through a speaker in the mouthpiece when addressing those without a mouthpiece such as IG and other chapters' Marines)--adds 1 to initiative in moving and shooting phases.
Sergeant and Brother Aspirant are automatically equipped with a box-fed stalker boltgun (gives the model suppression special rule(?)) or combo weapon boltgun with grenade launcher (can only equip one of each in a squad)
Sergeant can be upgraded with power armor and/or heavy weapon but receives Slow and Purposeful
Special Rule: Hardened--add 1 to BS for all models in the squad and 1 to S in shooting phase

The Battle Brothers are organized and equipped in the same way with some additions (including psychic hoods). All ranged squads carry combat shields; all assault squads 9including assault terminators) carry large storm shields (with lightning boss), Angelus Pattern Boltguns, teleporters and power-glads (a short and more powerful version of a power sword which delivers a delayed effect of a thunder hammer when stabbed into an object) and fight using shield wall.

6) Chapter Tactics
Bolter Drills, Siege Masters, Strike from the Shadows and Winged Deliverance (except with Teleporters)

This is about most of the crunch I have for the infantry units. Of course there will be more as I refine and reveal the fluff.

Please let me know what you guys think for each of the characteristics. If you see something that may not work, might you have ideas on how it can be adjusted to work?

Thank you!

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About the hoods, good point. I think I'll just limit them to one squad that focuses on hunting demons and psykers. This will allow for some risk-reward gameplay as the player will need to choose who doesn't have to roll as latent psyker and get insta-killed if hit by a psychic attack.

For the power armor, do you think it'll be fine if the power armor is concentrated in independent squads rather than distributed amongst sergeants as long as there can only be one in ten people in power armor.

I wonder if the Chapter tactics can be that many if they are considered allie under one name. While they will have their global special rules, the units from each member chapter cannot use the other's Chapter Tactics, or can use them sparingly. In any case, I doubt that they could have used each other's gene seeds if they had them.

Thanks for your insight! I hope to do more with this chapter, probably including fiction.
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