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Got a sack load of custom missions, here's the link to them from my blog and the missions I've copied and pasted below:



Enemy forces have surrounded your force, destroy the enemy and capture their command point to reduce their morale and attack co-ordination.

Deployment: Players pick to be the defender or attacker, whoever wins the roll of picks. The attacker deploys first and can deploy on any table edge up to 12” from the board edge. The defender may setup any way on the board; but not in the attacker’s deployment zones.

Objective: The aim of the game is for each to plant their own objective any where on the table but it must be inside area terrain. The game also uses kill points in the usual manner except for the following: if a player controls his and his opponents objectives they receive + 3 kill points, if the player controls just his own objective he receives +2 kill points. The one with the most points wins!


The enemy has ambushed a convoy, reinforcements are on route but you must hold out!

Deployment: Divide the board into 3 equal parts. The winner of the roll off picks to go first or second; the first player to deploy must deploy within the centre 1/3 of the board. The second player may deploy in either or both of the other 2 thirds, but not the same as the first player!

Objective: The player going first must keep as many units alive as possible; a kill point is rewarded for each unit alive at the end of the game. The second turn player gains kill points for each enemy unit completely destroyed.

Special Rules: Each unit destroyed belonging to the first turn player may be deployed from any table edge within their deployment zone. The second turn player’s armies all receive the move through cover and stealth special rules. If any units have these rules as standard then these units ONLY receive a additional +1 cover save bonus and roll 4D6 when moving through cover.


A defending force is battling off a enemy army from it’s own cities; though the enemy is at the gates and nearly through and the utter destruction of the city is at hand!

Deployment: Ruins or buildings must be arranged in a line along one long side of a table edge. Players roll off and the first player gets to deploy on the same table edge as the ruins and within 12” from the table edge. Once the table edge with the ruins is full then the remaining ruins may be arranged as per normal.

Objective: Points are awarded for the most ruins or buildings destroyed or remaining at the end of the game. The first player receives points for buildings remaining and the second player buildings destroyed.

Special Rules: The first player may fortify one ruin giving a +1 cover save bonus. In addition all buildings are protected by a force field and receive a 4+ cover save. The second player receives tank hunter special rule to all units.

Hold Out

Enemy forces are attempting to capture and destroy a sacred relic, artefact or anything else valuable to your force – you must defend it!

Deployment: Players roll off to see who goes first. The first turn player chooses any building or ruin on the table; they deploy their forces in the building or within 12” of it. The second turn player may deploy any where on the table but must be at least 12” away from ANY table edge.

Objective: The first player must defend the sacred objective and the second player capture it. The second player must get as many troop choice units within base contact of the objective as possible. The player with the most units on the objective wins!

Special Rules: The first turn player receives the stubborn special rule for all units in the army and receives +1 cover save while in the chosen ruin or within 12”, this includes going to ground. The second turn player receives furious charge for all units in the army and defensive grenades.

Bombing Run

As aerial forces bomb the city areas, below opposing forces battle.

Deployment: Players deploy via spearhead.

Objective: Kill points – destroy the enemy!

Special Rules: Stray bombs may land within the battle each player turn. Use the below with the following profile:

S10 AP2 Large Blast, Ordnance

Firstly roll for the long table edges, assign 1-3 and then 4-6 to each long table edge. Then assign 1-3 and 4-6 to the short table edges. Then roll off for the long table edges and the short ones, whatever wins these are the sides the bomb will enter. Then roll 3D6” for the winning long table edge and 3D6” for the winning short table edge, this is where the bomb will land. The two points must always meet up on the battle field.

I.E long table edge is 18” away from the edge and the short edge is 16” from the table edge, these points will then meet and anything under the template is then hit.


A survivor from an earlier battle has been discovered on the battle field. Each force is attempting to rescue or either capture the survivor! Though the survivor is a cunning character and trusts no one, not even his own forces!

Deployment: Pitched battle

Objective: Assign dice rolls to a number of terrain models either i.e 1-6 for 6 terrain pieces of 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6 for 3 terrain models. On each turn on and after the second turn roll a D6, the survivor will then appear in that terrain model according to the dice roll. The survivor can only be captured by troop choices which must be within 3”, even if troop choices are within 3” of the survivor the objective will still move around to different terrain models each turn. The player in contact with the survivor at the end of the game wins!


Enemy forces rage war on the surface of a volcano active planet in it’s death throes. Everything around is about to be destroyed one way or another.

Deployment: Use standard 40k deployment chart.

Objective: The player with the MOST surviving units wins the game! A point is awarded for each unit, just like kill points.

Special Rules: All units in the game receive move through cover special rule. All pieces of area terrain counts as dangerous terrain as well as difficult terrain.

Any units not in area terrain can be hit by roaring fire from under ground or other debris flying through the air from the exploding planet; for each unit not in area terrain roll a D6. On a 4+ every model in the unit receives a hit from the following profile:

S4 AP5 Rending

* Vehicles receive a hit on the rear armour value.


Opposing forces wrestle control for a vital settlement.

Deployment: Pitched Battle

Objective: Each player must capture as many ruins or buildings as possible, this can be captured by ANY unit, including vehicles and swarms. Units must be within base contact or on a ruins area terrain to control it. Player with the most controlled ruins wins!

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your applying your imagination, cease immediately.

with the release of the deathstrike I'd love to do a commando type raid to destroy a trio of them deep in an enemy held city, using vets or ork kommandoes etc.

or a sort of guns of navvarone scenario
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