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Okay I was talking about this match up in the amry list thread and it finally happened, and I won!!!

Lets Start with layout:

Castle was placed at one board edge and served as the IG depoyment area... the castle was garrisoned with a 40man blob complete with 2 autocannons and a command squad with sniper rifles, a 2 tank sqaud of leman russ, a valkerie with shotgun/melta/demo vets, and a hell hound were all that stood in the way of chaos victory

My havoks setup behind a burning building while my troops flanked the sides. Storming the front of the castle were a singe squad of Marines, with melta guns in capable hands, even the champion had one shot of fiery goodness in his hands. The winged sorceror, blessed by Tzeetch controlled a slaneeshi cult of raptors to be his personal guard. The winged ones held up behind a small broken wall to the east of the castle inorder to deal death in a single move...

IG has the 1st move.

The tanks parade down the ramp and let loose jets of flame from their hull-mounted weapons and the battle cannons raged against the melta squad of marines... when the smoke cleared only two marines were down. Bombs fell from above claiming a third marine thought he hail of multi laser fire did nothing. Sniper rifle shots rained form the western tower but failed to hit the havoks who protected by the sacred Icon of tzeetch and a pile of burning rubble took no wounds.

Chaos 1st turn
The Winged Mage warped time around him, a blessing from the ruinous powers he coveted to himself. The melta marines made their move closer to the lumbering hulks, the other two squads of marines charged the walls and the Sorceror and his merry men jumped the castle wall. The havoks let loose ont he command squad killing 2 snipers with frag missles while a single lascannon made short work of the comms officer. The melta squad disarmed onle leman russ of its Battle cannon and laughed as the melted slag of the once was barrel was no longer useable. The Raptors and their Warped leader crushed the guardsmen in the castle in one fell leap claiming the lives of all 40 of them in sweeping advance.

Death toll
Chaos: 3 marines
IG: 1 battle cannon, 40 guardsmen

IG turn two:
The IG forces stood in awe after the Chaos turned the plattoon to goo. In harsh retailiation, the leman russ's struck down all but the two melta gunners in the melta squad. the Valk's missle pods blew away six of the 10 raptors leaving the champion, his mage, an Icon bearer, and 2 melta raptors the only chaos forces in the tower. The remaining members of the command squad took aim on the havoks once more only to miss again.

Chaos TUrn 2
The Ruinous powers granted the sorceror the ability to warptime once more as he departed the squad of raptors. and with a burst of chaos magic, Blew the winds of Chaos upon the command squad claiming their lives. The raptors set their sights on a leman rus and destoryed it once and for all. The havoks blew the Valk out of the sky with a lucky lascannon shot forcing the Vets out of their flyign nest of safety. The other chaos squads finally broke through the wall and made their way into the castle. to fire upon the vets as they disembarked, claiming the lives of 3 of them. The melta chaos squad finally claimed the second leman russ's life.

IG turn 3
The vets dropped their demo charge killing the sorceror and his merry flying men with a large blast of deadliness. The hellhound sped forward to strike the havoks. the vets open fired with their shot guns, felling all but two plasma gunning space marines before charging them... the Two space marines fought with valor and took down 2 more as they fell.

Chaos 3
The melta marines charged the vets, burning two to a pile of mush, while the havoks killed none. The thir squad of marines hidden in cover fired their autocannon and plasma gun into the rear armor of the hellhound destoryign it in a fiery blast that also consumed a bolter havok. The lone melta gunners charged the two remaining vets slaying them in the name of chaos and victory was theirs!!!!

Chaos wins by turn three!!

Over all deathtoll
18 marines
10 raptors
1 Sorceror

2 leman russ
1 hell hound
1 valk
10 vets
40 guardsmen
1 command squad

Victory for Chaos!!!! (pics up soon)
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