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CSM vs CRONS, need help!

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I'm pretty new to this hobby and I have been playing for a month or two. I play a lot with my friend at about 1000 point games. He plays necrons and runs 2 squads of 14 necron warriors, 3 destroyers, and the night bringer.

Some how his night bringer always manages to eat up my chaos space marines. So I redid my army list and would love some advice. :laugh:


Daemon Prince with wings


5x Chosen plasma gun/rhino


x8 Khorne berzerkers/champ/fist/rhino/personal icon

x8 Khorne berzerkers/champ/fist/rhino/personal icon

x8 Lesser daemons

Heavy Support

x2 Obliterator
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Uber-LOL - Necrons are supposed to be really uncompetitive, so you should really need tactics vs them ;)

But seriously, there are 2 options:

1. Assume your opponent is a n00b and doesn't know how to play Necrons = rush CC on Warriors and Phase Out in Turn 2.

2. Assume your opponent knows how to play, and then start to worry.

I prefer to plan tactics based on assumption 2, but your opponent is obviously in the first category, so don't worry about it. If you have shooty of S5+ then use that to take out the C'tan, just lots of shots should do it. But your friend is going to be really easy to Phase Out, so just go for that with an assault on turn 2. Your games should not really go beyond turn 3.

[EDIT] P.S. you realise he is using 1,014pts, that is almost a whole Necron Warrior extra. Making him drop the spare model will help you right away - 1 model closer to Phase Out.
have the oblits kill the destroyers first. cc the warriors with the beserkers and lesser deamons. give the deamon prince mark of slannesh and lash of submission. u can use that to keep the night bringer away so u can get many turns of shooting him with the chosen.
hope this helps!
Do Chosen have S5+ guns? If they don't then they can't hurt the C'tan at all at range. If there is a Lash Prince then it would probably be an early target for the Necrons and shouldn't be counted on as an anti-C'tan option.

Safest option is to make short work of the Warriors, in such a speedy way that the C'tan can't get involved to spoil things.
The Destroyers are not a problem for you as long as you have some guns with 36"+ range. You only need to cause 3 unsaved wounds for them to be perma-dead, no WBB. Just max out vs the massive, massive, massive noob errors your opponent is making.

Priority activity:

1. kill the Destroyers from range on turn 1. They don't get WBB if you kill all 3.
2. use your S5+ shooting attacks to put pressure on the C'tan.
3. forget about lashing the C'tan to keep it away. Use the lash to get the Warriors NEARER.
4. an early assault on the Warriors can give you a Phase Out win by turn 2. This will mean that the C'tan can be pretty much ignored, there isn't enough time for it to do anything.

Put all your force against the weakest aspect of your opponent's army and it will be a brutal lesson in list building for him.
Erm, by the time you start facing multiple Monoliths the last thing you want is to bring more squishy kill points. S9AP3 + more S6 Destroyer shots mean that bigger games vs Necrons are much harder. I have played my Necrons vs CSM noise armies in tournies and even a standard balanced list just pounds them to dust, Necrons can do it without losing a single unit.

Necrons don't need a Lord, but in low point games they should not take a Lord and a C'tan, one or the other. Choosing the weaker of the C'tan is also quite telling, especially as it isn't even supported properly.
I would still use the lash prince to keep the nightbringer out of the equation. with ur troops having rhinos and crons not having transports getting to the warriors isnt a problem
It is a problem if they stun your vehicles. Vehicles vs Necrons = fail. They can stun you at 24" and you'll give the Nightbringer plenty of time to creep up.
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