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CSM vs CRONS, need help!

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I'm pretty new to this hobby and I have been playing for a month or two. I play a lot with my friend at about 1000 point games. He plays necrons and runs 2 squads of 14 necron warriors, 3 destroyers, and the night bringer.

Some how his night bringer always manages to eat up my chaos space marines. So I redid my army list and would love some advice. :laugh:


Daemon Prince with wings


5x Chosen plasma gun/rhino


x8 Khorne berzerkers/champ/fist/rhino/personal icon

x8 Khorne berzerkers/champ/fist/rhino/personal icon

x8 Lesser daemons

Heavy Support

x2 Obliterator
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hey guys thanks a lot of the input! :grin:

the chosens are all armed with plasma gun. is the lash prince a good idea? because if i could push away nightbringer every turn my berserkers would munch up his warriors.

also do you guys think i need the chosen? they are like 200 points which is rather expensive, i could trade them for 2 more obliterators to overkill his destroyers cause those things are a major threat to my rhinos.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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