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CSM vs CRONS, need help!

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I'm pretty new to this hobby and I have been playing for a month or two. I play a lot with my friend at about 1000 point games. He plays necrons and runs 2 squads of 14 necron warriors, 3 destroyers, and the night bringer.

Some how his night bringer always manages to eat up my chaos space marines. So I redid my army list and would love some advice. :laugh:


Daemon Prince with wings


5x Chosen plasma gun/rhino


x8 Khorne berzerkers/champ/fist/rhino/personal icon

x8 Khorne berzerkers/champ/fist/rhino/personal icon

x8 Lesser daemons

Heavy Support

x2 Obliterator
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the bezerkers already have rhinos.

I would try to give the prince a psychic power, even if it's only warptime, that still better than a plain jane prince

If you drop the lesser demons you might free up some points for a greater demon. If you also drop the bezerkers you can get a more expensive troop

Thousand sons are born necron killers, with their ap3 bolters and if you do happen to get close (which neither of you want) your sorcerer can use wind of chaos and torch those warriors.

Seeing as necrons will be back, why not have your own version of this, why not take plague marines with plasma or melta for some staying and killing power

Hope this helped a bit and good luck
Also thousand sons suck against crons as they don't ignore we'll be back and have a lot less shots than vanilla CSM at the same points so do the same damage, do the math.
I understand that, but it's much better than giving them a save and WBB. It's not the first choice I would take, but it's better than nothing
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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