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i play Deathguard my self, and im very fond of them.

But one thing i find rather sad is, that normal marines just aint very usefull.
i field them once in a while and they just... really dont impress.

And thats a shame for a 10k year old monster corrupted by the dark gods really...

And i would say only buy that expansion if you like terminators.
i used them, but they are not that good.

they are super cool and stylish though, so i use em.
and if you have typhus, he need a bodygard.

but normal cultists do really well as they are too btw.

you can always convert them nurglish and painting too.

i find that nurgle marines are one of the armies that can look absolut best (or most horrible, if you like) if its well painted and converted.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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