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I think Grey Knights are pretty lame. In terms of rules and abilities they're good, but I think their look and their fluff are weaksauce. I can't really give any more details; I don't use them.

Nurgle FTW. You can easily use green stuff to convert any Space Marine mini into something touched by Nurgle. As you say, Dark Vengeance minis would work perfectly. You can find them on eBay at a very fair price. As a bonus, Chaos Bikers with mark of Nurgle are a very good (but not broken) unit. I think you'll get a pretty decent starting army with those minis.

You mention a Heldrake, which is a great unit. A couple of Rhinos to protect your troops and move them around the table are pretty crucial, as well. I would buy a few additional bikers, and convert one into a Nurgle marked lord to lead your force. From there, you can play a few games and think about what you're missing and what you'd like to try out. Forge World has some great units such as the Fire Raptor, Hell Blade, and Relic Sicaran tank. Chaos Space Marines are probably not going to win against the cheesiest armies out there, but with a solid list you can hold your own.

Grey Knights aren't overpowered, from what I can tell, but they are pretty solid. You probably wouldn't go wrong choosing them. But you'd be a loyalist dog, and I'd have to claim your skull.
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