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Critique for da CriticGod
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I'll preface this by saying I haven't played 40k much in a while. I've kept up with miniature work , but hey life has been busy.

I'm considering what is out there and playing again, but from what I read here its an ugly tabletop out there, a lot uglier than I recall.

I'm looking to put a reasonably competitive list together, not serious tournament winning, but not fluffy either.

I've been playing for about 15 years so as Chaos goes I probably have at least 1 of everything, and there's a better than even chance its older than my opponent. :p

So my actual question is, What are the viable builds out there now as ya'll see them?

Sadly it doesn't sound like there are all that many variations that dont' require double demon princes or x3 spam of something.

But maybe one of you knows better.

I'd usually run what I considered to be a reasonable/uncheesey army and won most of my games based on out maneuvering my opponent, as opposed to writing the scariest list ever. The environment would usually be the local gaming establishment.

in 1500 pts it would consist of something like:

Lord of khorne daemon weapon, jugger or on foot, meltabombs

1-2 Dreads with close combat weapons and extra armor
8 or so Chosen with plas/melta
8 berzerkers champ power weapon
2x 8 CSM's w/2 plas/meltas
2x rhinos extra armor & havoc launchers
1-2 havoc units or 1 havoc unit and 1 obliterator unit of 3
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