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so some of this is jumbled and out of order due to going by memory. this is however my first actual game with the new CSM book since starting to rebuild my army.

so last night i played a 1500 vs Ed's new Nids. fun game, we rolled relic, and the shitty diagonal deployment. we basically just played what we owned {barring what i borrowed from him for CSM stuff}

my list

Nurgle prince - wings, mace, power armor, 3 mastery levels { powers where enfeeble, the initiative and attack buff from biomancy, and plague wind}

tzeentch lord - burning brand, sigil of corruption {warlord due to 3++}

3 termicide nators - triple combi melta, two axes, 1 mace

6 CSM - plasma gun, champ with mace and melta bomb

6 CSM - plasmagun, champ with axe and meltabomb

10 cultists

10 cultists

5 Nurgle bikers - champ with axe and melta bomb, dual melta guns

balefire drake

mualerfiend with tendrils


flyrant with dual devourers plus stuff

8 ymgarls

squad of 10 termagants

squad of 16 hormagaunts

tervigon kitted to the 9's

10 gargoyles



2 carnifex's without upgrades.

i got first turn and deployed on the line, my plan was to rush the objective and use my rhinos to block off the choke point the nids had to go through to get to the relic for a few turns while my marines ran back with the relic. prince, bikers, and mualer fiend would run interferance and keep the more nasty stuff at bay. so,

turn 1
everything pressed forward at max speed except the bikers who i kept back intentionaly to be reactionary to the mawlocs. prince landed on a building to gain bennifits from shrouding. rhinos parked right next to the objective on either side. maulerfiend rushes head long at hormaguant squad. bikers shoot and kill a couple of the 10 gant squad bubble wrapping the tervigon, prince casts plague wing on the same bunched up unit and kills 2 termagants, 1 hormagaunt and pusts a wound on the tervigon.

nids turn the tyrant vector striked my prince, puts a wound on him but he doesnt ground him, gants shoot prince, to no avail, and a lone in range gargoyle shoots at him, doesn't wound him, but grounds him...which wounds him...fuck.... tyrants blasts one of my rhinos with his devourers and blows it sky high with a luck series of 6's... oh well. lost a guy to the explosion and am not pinned. theres an all around giant shuffling of his units forwards, and the tervigon pooped out 13 gants...but rolled double 5's. prince gets assualted by hormaguants, batters them back for their arrogence with the mace killing 5 of them, but the T tests are passed... this is pretty much all that occurs so far.

turn 2

i disembark from the last rhino and move it forwards to allow me to shoot before it moves again in shooting to block the choke point. my lord jumps forwards from his hidey hole and does nothing as he isn't in range yet. the bikers move a bit more forwards to support the recently disembarked squad, while the squad sitting in a crater moveout and touch the relic. heldrake came in from reserves puts a wound on a fex and kills 2 of the gargoyle screne in front of the fexes. had i rolled better the template was on both fexes and about 5 gargoyles..... sad but true. oh well. bikers and squad with mace {the one with the alive rhino} shoot and kill all but the last gant in the original 1 man unit. squad axe { the one from the now cratered rhino} takes pot shots at the fexes hoping for plasma wound, but it gets hot instead...of course... shoulda shot gargoyles... end of shooting rhino moves the 6 nessicary to bar the choke point. mualerfiend assaults the newly created 13 gants, kills 2, their fearless due to synapse...suck it bitches! prince smashes all but one lonely hormagaunt and stays stuck....damn it.

nids, tyrants dropps from swoop to glide and moves to intercept squad Axe.{ worst part being that the tyrant rolled the warlord trait that gives it VP's for every character it slays in a challenge...} gargoyles by pass my rhino wall, tervigon moves up to an inch away from rhino prepaired to assault it, and fexes make a bee-line for the embattled prince... oh no... his mawlocs come up under my bikers, one deviated 11"s into no where, while the other deviats back 4"s and still clips 3 of my bikes...he woulds all 3 but i make 2 of the 5+ jinks yay cover! shooting phase the gargoyles shoot up squad mace and kill a marine. the tyrant shoots squad axe and obliterates 2 of the remaining 5, but sadly not the aspiring champ... assaults the boards getting thick, tyrant into squad axe with a challenge issued! and omnoms the champ. gargoyles into squad mace, i kill 4 he kills none....fearles due to tyrant proximity. prince gets rushed by fexes, rolls 8 attacks all together from the mace plust profile. wiffs most of them and kills the already wounded fex, then procededs to die horribly to the remaining carnifex. mualerfiend kills another 2 gants. fex consolidates towards the maulerfiend, and last hormaguant crawls down the building towards the hiding gant from the original 10 man squad. oh yea the tervigon wrecks the rhino making it difficult and dangerous!

turn 3

oh crap, i'm loosing heavy hitters... lets try to pull this out. lord moves up towards the building the prince died in intent of flaming the lone gant who escaped my wrath and trying to tag the carnifex. bikers fall back towards edge to get better shots on the mawloc that hit them. both cultist squads come on from reserves and move on to aid the bikers. the heldrake pivots and vector strikes one of the mawlocs putting 3 wounds on him! in the shooting the lord flames the gant and fex, kills gant but doesnt get the 6 for the fex, ah well. bikers and both cultists squad shoot up the injured mawloc to do absolutly nothing... heldrake flames both mawlocs...wounds the unwounded one but not the injured one...damn it! ok CC time. bikers charge injured mawlock with 4 axe attacks and some krak grenades i should have this.....wiff...mawloc can't hurt T 6 bikers, bikers apparently feel sorry for the bleeding bug and miss on purpose....dicks.. mauler fiend kills 1 gant. squad mace and the gargoyles sing kum by ya in the middle, and squad axe evaporates.

nid turn, ymgarls arrive from terrian next to squad mace...go figure.... flyrant moves to get rear shots on the heldrake. tervigon moves onto the rhino, but passed the dangerous test. was slowed however so good. ymgarls move out of cover and around to be able to assault squad mace... oh shit... mawloc number 2 moves closer to assault the bikes and help its friend out. and fex moves to make no doubt about the mualerfiends coming fate. in shooting not much to shoot, tyrant blows up heldrake... in assault carnifex makes it into the fiend, mawloc makes it into the bikes, ymgarls make it into the squad, and tervigon assaults towards squad mace aswell making it in, but dangerous wounds it! huzzah rhino! ymgarls wreck the squad though , maulerfiend explodes killing all the remaining gants but 3, and the mawlocs and bikers still do nothing to one another.

turn 4

shit looks bad, lets see what we can do. finally get my termicide squad in. land near the fex to try to add 3 wounds. lord jumps to get an angle on the last 3 gants and line it up to clip the fex aswell to try for the hat trick... luck be with me. cultists move forwards and shoot ineffectually at stuff and do nothing {note, will NEVER employ cultists in a combat roll again...EVER!}. the termicide shoot with melta at fex and wound twice...damn needed to put all 3 on. lets see what happens with the flamer. lord flames the 3 gants and kills all and wounds the fex....ARE YOU KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn it terminators its the size of a barn how did you miss!!!!!!!!!! too bad fex has 1 wound left...no bueano. ok. bikers CC with mawlocs, finally ed gets wise and decides to smash, killing 1 biker. i krak the mawloc...nothing. melta bomb the mawloc. wound! one is down to two wounds! . mawloc with 5 wounds hits and runs. aims for terminators.

nid turn tyrants flys att one squad of cultists, ymgarls move in to eat the second squad. fex moves to seek vengance on the terminators as does the free mawlock. the remaining 3 gargoyles decide to move to help the ymgarls, while plucky the happy tervigon picks up the relic and runs back into MY deployment zone.....bitch... so tyrant shoots up cultists, kills 6. gargoyles kill 2 out of other squad. lone hormagaunt that we forgot is now subject to feed and rushes my lord...lolz... i overwatch the flamer and do nothing.....really.... ok whatever. the lord smacks the guant and thats the end of that. the cult units both get assualted and wiped out. the bikers loose another guy to a smash and the champ FINALLY puts it down by swaping back to axe attacks and getting lucky. the other mawloc dummy charges the terminators to absorb the overwatch, nothing, and the fex charges in and wrecks them to a man.

end of turn i have 2 bikers and my lord left.... and a hastily retreating tervigon....no point chasing it. game.


i like the prince, even if he was grounded and charged unluckily he still held things up and bought me time. the lord was mostly a harassment. the bikers at T 6 where absolutly boss even if they diidn't really do much, fighting and holding a pair of MC's up is no small feat. next time i may drop the lord for a sorcerer on bike, to biomancy the bike squad. the csm squads preformed mostly as i knew they would, just needed more to their numbers to actually get the job done next time.
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