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CSM 5th edition codex?

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Ive heard some rumor and read some stuff online. Im somewhat new to 40k i was just curious is the 5th edition codex for chaos space marines out? If not does anyone know what it is coming out?
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If they were to make a radical change between editions making the Codex unplayable (i.e. 2nd edition to 3rd edition) I could see the need but if they don't then there's overwhelming need to have every army have a current edition Codex- it would be nice for it to be so, and I definitely think they should make it so that all armies relying on a 3rd edition codex get a 5th edition but it's not a necessity.

Just accept that not every army will have a 5th edition codex before 6th edition comes out.
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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