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CSM 5th edition codex?

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Ive heard some rumor and read some stuff online. Im somewhat new to 40k i was just curious is the 5th edition codex for chaos space marines out? If not does anyone know what it is coming out?
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i dont know about waiting for gw to release will necessarily pay off because look what they did with the 4th edition codex they took are daemons they took are legion specific rules and the one thing khorne should really be pissed off about is some of the special charge rules like blood lust and chain axes. so i mean maybe they will cheese us out like they did to blood angels and IG so lets just wait and see, oh and to answer your question i dont think GW will be coming out with a new chaos codex any time soon and ive heard rumors about legion specific rule books like how they have the space marines are split up there will be good dedication books so khorne Nurgle Slaanesh and Tzeentch. but that is just what i heard for all i know they could screw us more with the new one
yea thats what is runnig through my mind, hopefully they atleast allow us to take daemons as allies and get legion specific rules back into the codex.
yea they could probably take the bloodangels codex and re-word it all to fit more of the khorne language which is blood kill burn mame.........i can see it know khorne company blood gaurd
that would be a blessing the last codex stuff mixed with the new one.
the problem i have with the current codex and your ideal is i want legions to be split sure let black legion use are troops and marks but restrict them from using are special charcters and special abilities. im tiered of this chaos space pirate bullshit we have now their is no uniqueness of legions other than fluff now. because the codex has put the legions into a culture melting pot. i dont like it at all, ofcourse this is my oppinion feel free to want what you want.
im not saying seperate codexes just legion specific rules again. i want a little bit of uniqueness thats all Iron warriors special rules, Slaanesh special rules etc. it doesnt have to be multiple codexes as much as i would love to seperate codexes that would be way into the future because GW has obligations to make all armies updated for their fans sakes and i dont expect them to make seperate codexes anytime soon i just wouldnt mind in the next codex bring back special rules and independece.
The codex is crap.

You might as well paint them all Black Legion. All the SM Chapters are different, so why are all the CSM Legions identical?

I thought the whole idea with Chaos was to have very different armies, aesthetically and gameplay wise.
Ditto, we speak the truth
yea i want special rules for legions back and bring daemons back into the codex. i would like to see the 3rd and 4th editon chaos space marine codexes put together along with the daemon codex.
1 - 8 of 42 Posts
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