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CSM 5th edition codex?

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Ive heard some rumor and read some stuff online. Im somewhat new to 40k i was just curious is the 5th edition codex for chaos space marines out? If not does anyone know what it is coming out?
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Dear lord if hope they do a better job with it than good ol' Gav did.

I am rooting for Necron and DE codices before I complain for a new Chaos one. That just ain't fair.
Rumors for Legion specific rules are baseless - it is very LIKELY that it will NEVER happen. As cool as it would be, they will never do it.
Sad, but true I suppose. Either that or they will rework the 3rd Ed Codex and just print four different books.
I personally don't see the need for so many additions. They should at least update ALL of the codices BEFORE they move on to a new BRB.
I really hope they wait for 6th Ed, but I am sure they won't...
I could definitely go for some more characters, and maybe some updated rules for Cypher. Just make the Codex bigger. Bam. Instant gratification.
I feel as if they should merge the Chaos codices together, add some new characters, give options to run either a Marine of Daemon army, throw in some cool special rules, and call it Codex: Chaos.

A dream, I am sure, but a good one none the less.
that's a memory, the way things used to be :grin:
Ah the good ol' days.
yea i want special rules for legions back and bring daemons back into the codex. i would like to see the 3rd and 4th editon chaos space marine codexes put together along with the daemon codex.
This is exactly what I was thinking.
While Chaos do need an update, as been mentioned other armies need one a hell of a lot more, DE, DH/WH, crons hell even Tau really need an update more.

Id like to see the legion specific books, but its unlikely, at least until a re write of the existing book, as legion specific ones will want their special chars to be unique to them and as it stands they are in the general codex and it doesn't really work to have two sets of rules for the same guy.

If they were to re write chaos id like to see them make chaos a good separate army, in that I mean don't make them evil marine clones. Don't give them LR variants, or TH/SS Termies and other marine toys, give them their own totally unique stuff, much like the Defiler was a nice new concept back in the day. Possibly instead of giving them legion specific books (which will be a lot of writing and suffer from the classic GW problems of a few of them falling way behind the others), try giving chaos a lot of stuff that effects FoC chart and what units count as troops depending on the Lord, and which deamons become available depend on the HQ choice ect in the next re write.

Either way, don't make chaos just marines with spikes, make them Chaos.

My two cents,
Like I said before, I want those other armies to be updated. They need it a hell of a lot more than Chaos Marines do.

Your argument is flawed in the effect that they are Chaos Space Marines. Other than the Defiler, they will never have their own unique units because foremost they are Space Marines. They are effectively the same except with spikes and dark worshiping. You really can't deviate from that or you lose what they are - Space Marines that have been in the Warp for a long time.
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