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CSM 5th edition codex?

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Ive heard some rumor and read some stuff online. Im somewhat new to 40k i was just curious is the 5th edition codex for chaos space marines out? If not does anyone know what it is coming out?
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Be thankful you don't play DA.
If I were chaos I would be praying that I didn't get a 5th Ed codex. Chances are if you do you will get it only months before 6th and then you will be in the same possition.
You mean in a similar style as what they did with WHFB?
Chaos will never get legion specific codices. It pointless and just stupid, they can't put codices out fast enough as it is. I like how Svart would fix it, makes sense and wouldn't require all that much work.
Fuckloads. Thing is though, marines may have been easier to out into full codices. Other than that, they just don't have room in the time in between editions to put in another 5 codices.
1 - 5 of 42 Posts
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