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CSM 5th edition codex?

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Ive heard some rumor and read some stuff online. Im somewhat new to 40k i was just curious is the 5th edition codex for chaos space marines out? If not does anyone know what it is coming out?
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im hoping for a 5th ed csm codex next year, late next year mind you
only background work is so far being done, even if we do see the rate of codexes accelerated then 2012 would still be the earliest

Rumors for Legion specific rules are baseless - it is very LIKELY that it will NEVER happen. As cool as it would be, they will never do it.
Not quite baseless per se, the design team have said before they would like to do it one day but weren't sure if it would ever happen.
I wouldn't be surprised if they got round to it one day as it's a project that wouldn't necassarily need many new models
It pointless and just stupid
and yet how many people would/do say the same about space marines?
A dream, I am sure, but a good one none the less.
that's a memory, the way things used to be :grin:
1 - 3 of 42 Posts
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