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Welcome to Jonah Station, the machine spirit guide you to your work.

"They told me I'd be safe... They told me LIES!" Unknown audio record, Jonah Station.

Welcome to the Jonah Waystation situated near the Adeptus Mechanicus research facility Varaxis. This place serves as one of the several supply stations to the facility and nearby space docks. You are one of the faceless masses serving the emperor and keeping the station operational. Perhaps you are just passing by en-route to another job. Maybe you are just going home. Whatever the case maybe you are unfortunate enough to be on the station when a crippling accident ripples through the station.

Each one of you has differing goals and none of you are combat trained. There is one certainty that you can count on though, that you are all in terrible danger, a horrible force is making its' way through the facility. Will you survive? Will you endure? Will you just end up as another name on a long list of dead when the navy come?

The choice is yours.

"God Emperor preserve us...." Unkown audio record, Jonah Station.

Standard Roleplaying fare:
  • No god mode.
  • Keep arguments between players or the GM in PM only
  • You can't control what other Player Characters do
  • You can however perform certain actions without GM consent, to keep the story more fluid, that are reasonable: I.E I beat a gretchin with a hammer, I threw a wrench in the corridor to distract the hormogaunts or I clubbed the cultist in the back of the head and he died. If you're not sure just PM me on it and I'll get to you straight away.
  • 1 paragraph minimum per post
  • I'll update regularly (when everyone has posted or every few days)
  • You can post up to 4 times in between GM updates, just wait for a player to post first however.
  • Try to have fun

If you can't post or participate for any reason make sure to notify me or place it in this thread. It is common courtesy to do so. I will remove your character honorably and give you a pass to rejoin if you wish. If you fail to comply with this I will eliminate your character in a very unfortunate manner.

I'm looking for a group of 3 but I'm willing to accommodate much larger groups. Be wary though as the group increases your chances of survival decrease. I'd prefer if there's a mix of classes selected but I don't mind all of you picking the same one.

Character classes:

Equipment: General access pass to most of the station (except command rooms, vaults and encrypted access doors.), Data slate, Rations for 2 days, Clothes.
Knowledge: You know where everything in the station is (bar restricted zones), You know what ships are currently at dock and their crews, you know most of the cargo on the station.

Equipment: Ministorum Manual, Rations for 3 days, Clothes, Ecclesiarchy Amulet of passage, worn staff.
Knowledge: You have a basic understanding of Chaos and the warp. You know certain holy chants of the emperor could drive back the warp. You have a basic knowledge of the layout of the station (you know generally where the hanger is or the mess hall but not the command room or specifics).

Equipment: Mechanicus Harness (one servo arm with a utility kit), Mechanicus Omni Tool(can open anything with enough time), Limited Access pass (General access and Mechanicus zones only), Heavy Metal Wrench, Rations for 2 days.
Knowledge: You have a basic knowledge of the layout of the station (you know generally where the hanger is or the mess hall but not the command room or specifics), you can operate all machines and vehicles.

Station Hand
Equipment: Limited access pass (General access and maintenance corridors), Void Suit, Heavy Metal Wrench, Rations for two days.
Knowledge: You know where everything in the station is (bar restricted zones, You have a basic understanding of xenos creatures (you can differentiate an ork from a tyranid but not specific types), you can only pilot vehicles and certain maintenance related equipment (e.g cranes and welders).

After selecting a character class here's a template for the rest of their details.

Age: 30 - 120
Background: Where are you from? Why are you on the station? Are you just passing by or working on the station?
Equipment and Knowledge: Just copy and paste it.


Knowledge: it's what your character knows. If your character does not possess it then they know nothing about the subject. E.G You do not have knowledge of xenos, you see a genestealer. To you it's just an abomination of claws and teeth, you don't know its fast, you don't know it travels in packs and you just want to run.

You are not combat trained: You can probably operate a las pistol or something really basic. In close combat you just swing clumsily. The element of surprise is your friend.

SECRET AGENDA: Once you have selected your characters I will PM you your secret agenda. It maybe secure a relic for a cleric or jettison certain cargo for an adept. Whatever the case maybe you absolutely have to do it and keep it secret. If you fulfil it without anyone else knowing you will gain a massive bonus and will probably survive the game.

If other characters find out what you're up to the secret agenda is nullified and you gain no bonus for doing it. It is secret after all.

If you suspect that someone has a secret agenda you can PM me the GM. If you're right you get a bonus instead after you post in the game and denounce the character for “endangering” the group.

If you don't like the secret agenda I gave you I will be happy to change it for you.

SECRET REQUESTS: Every now and then I will PM you a secret request to do something, like lock a door or sabotage that power line. If you succeed certain useful items or pieces of information will fall into your possession. There's no penalty for failing. If you are found out however there is a penalty (e.g you lose something or you hurt your wrist). Remember it's SECRET.
Winner: Yes there is a winner. Surviving, completing the secret agenda and requests all add up to a winner in the end. You can't win if you're dead.

DEATH: It can happen. Of course it sucks if you're not in the roleplay due to events but I will accommodate new characters joining the group within reason.

List of Players:

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That's fine and thanks for posting.

I'm pretty flexible so I don't mind giving players a bit of lee-way here and there. If you're interested I'd be happy to have you as a player. Given we get 2 or more players that follow after to run the roleplay of course.

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Lets say I'm a 21 yo Tech Priest. How much would I be armed and such? I would suggest mostly biological with one mechandrite attached to my spinal-core (going off the Ciaphas Cain-books here). I'm guessing you want me knowing about the basic functions of almost anything technical but not too much advanced.

What about advanced stuff? Do I know about e.g. reactor core-stuff or would I get blown up if I tried to interact with it? And how much would I known about e.g. a Geno? And would I want to test-tube it in a search of knowledge? Or would I know jackshit? Sorry you are dealing with a total noob here so you must hold my hand all the way (must admit I'm slightly colored by the fluff I have written but then again in a RP they would be god-mode sues).

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All good questions.

For the sake of gameplay you're only equipped as i've listed above. It's pretty hard to balance a techpriest with all his toys in comparison to the humble adept because he would just out perform everyone in a crisis.

Especially considering that enginseers are actually on the frontlines of battle for the guard.

Knowledge wise I'd say that if it is a machine you can operate it. If it's Xenos you know what it is and how it behaves. You may not know how stuff works fully but you can at least operate it. If there's any points of contention we will just solve it as we go along.

the basic functions of almost anything technical but not too much advanced
Basically this on all aspects. Also on the research aspects you are probably too concerned with staying alive that trying to catch that shiny specimen will be a small priority.

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That sounds fine, level low character. Genos are terrifying stuff and I wanna stay alive not tubing it for experiments, though too bad then I can't base my char on the slimeball from Aliens and be obsessed about the purity of form.

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There are definitely some complex concepts that are being presented here.

I do like that this is a purely mechanicus based role-play. I have been working with them quite a bit lately and have a few characters around I wouldn't mind using, a past version of themselves or something of that nature, would be pretty fun for me.

I am really impressed with the idea of secret agendas here, though using this tool in such a 'game-like' manner may end up back-firing or just not working for one reason or another. I have to point out, that if there can be a winner, one shouldn't be allowed to request a new secret agenda just because they don't like what they are given. The only time I have seen something like this before was where one of the players in a guard squad was a mole and no one knew but that player and the GM. It's unfortunate that never got off the ground. Also you say that players absolutely have to do their secret agendas. Have to try, may be better. But what if the character decides they are not interested? Then... things get harder for them? They die? These waters get very muddy when dealing with text-based role-play threads. I'm not saying it can't work, just want to make sure you know what kind of problems may come up.

That brings me to the to the other interesting idea which is the last man standing concept.

Things such as bonuses for a role-play thread tend to be arbitrary, or have no real bearing. Though without knowing exactly what would be involved and how these bonuses would come into play, its hard to say how effective they may be in enhancing the experience.

In general, my opinion would go against structuring an rpthread like an actual game. Quite frankly, if we want to play a game we will play the tabletop, play video games, or something else more tangible. Some people put a lot of time and work into their characters. The idea that they can make a wrong decision and have to start over or accept their expulsion from the RP is something that may make many people stray away from submitting a character sheet, especially knowing that this will definitely happen to all but one of them. It would be fun if everyone died near the end, but thats only and if.

So, I might put a character up. Totally unsure at the moment, though.

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Hey thanks for replying and giving some feedback. I do love me some feedback.

On pointing out some things on my game design, thanks! I was just testing the waters here in Heresy Online to see how the roleplay front is.

Mechanics wise I understand your points. This roleplay is certainly pushing certain objective based aspects and there will always be difficulties that arise from that, not to mention the kind of forum member base we have. Structuring a roleplay thread does seem pretty radical and hey it's a new experience. I won't begrudge them by not participating I would just like to try out something different.

On changing your secret agenda I should probably put in an addendum stating that you can only change at the very beginning. I won't force you to complete a secret agenda it's just a little extra incentive to get your character to do something. If you don't want to do it then there's no penalties but there's no bonuses either. I'm pretty sure I slipped in a "Maybe" in the secret agenda portion of the first post.

Perhaps I didn't make that clear or forgot to mention it at all whoops. Or maybe I'm just being erroneous hahaha. It does seem unfair to be able to change mid/lategame so I will amend that.

On the system of mechanical bonuses and penalties I understand that it is a little unclear given the vague nature of roleplaying here. This will of course put off some other potential players but that's just how it goes.

I did consider adding in a section on how the bonuses and penalties would work but that would just give players more reading to do. There is already plenty on the introduction post so I took the liberty of keeping it deliberately vague. Let's just say the system is - if you work hard for something then you earn a reward for it.

Character death. That is certainly an upsetting point isn't it? I understand crafting a character takes time and care and that's important. Having that character die suddenly is terrible and that's completely understandable. Character death is something to be implemented sparingly and more importantly with care and work for impact. Please understand that I don't take it as a big joke.

To be honest I completely forgot I even put this up, if people are interested I'll keep it running. I was actually meant to close this at some point due to lack of interest.

Thanks for posting though.

There are different RPs and different liquors, some just aren't for everyone.
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