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Crimson Fists or Imperial Fists

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Hey folks, I have decided to get back into 40K and have come down to these two armys, I like the unique units for both but i just cant decide which chapter to build.

Could anyone give me the reasons they picked one over the other both gameplay wise and modeling wise?
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i love imperial fist's , i even whent and painted a five man unit to test out the paints and while they looked easily some of the best models i ever painted i would never be able to do a whole army of them as i would go blind painting them and have to smash my head open.

so mucho respect to anyone that has painted one up good. That would be the only decsion for me id have to go with crimson fist's. Game play style i carnt say anymore than has been said.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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