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Crimson Fists or Imperial Fists

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Hey folks, I have decided to get back into 40K and have come down to these two armys, I like the unique units for both but i just cant decide which chapter to build.

Could anyone give me the reasons they picked one over the other both gameplay wise and modeling wise?
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Imperial Fists. The Son of Horus got about all the reasons for the two Chapters, but I dunno why, I have took a disliking to the Crimson Fists. What I like about the Imperial Fists is they are the stalwart defenders of Mankind, the Sentinals of Terra. Their Primarch is badass and I love their colour scheme when pulled off correctly, but sadly I often come across armies of Imperial Fists with badly pulled off paintjobs. Well, thats my reasons, good luck whatever you pick!
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