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I am a new player. I'd like my list to be balanced and good for gameplay while still being a little fluffy. Here is what I have...

Pedro Kantor
Honour Guard x5, Champ w/Thunder Hammer, 1 relic blade
Land Raider

Sternguard x5, Sgt Power Fist and melta bombs, 1 combi flamer, 2 combi melta, 1 heavy flamer
Drop Pod with Deathwind missiles

Tactical x10, Sgt combi flamer, flamer, heavy bolter

Tactical x10, Sgt combi melta, melta, multi melta

Scout x5, 4 sniper, 1 heavy bolter, all cloaks

Devestator x5, Sgt power fist, 4 missile launcher, 2 flak
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