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So in my GW store I am in an unusual campaign were you are controlled by your force org. chart as apposed to your points. To better expain it you have a 'pool' of units you add to your army via the available force org. and you then match your list to a given point value for specific games. Right now the force org. is '2 HQs, 4 Troops and a combination of 3 Elites FAs or HSs'. Here is my 1.5k army list, I will rock Imp. Fist Chapter Tactics, grab my WL trait off the SM codex and go with Biomancy psychic powers. (Last game I played I perilled and got the 'I'm a Demon Prince this turn' result and I also cast 'Warp Speed' on my Libby, then ate a squad of CSM bikers!) Chapter Master goes with the VV squad and the Libby goes with the HB tac squad. Please ask me any questions and mention any conserns or criticism.

Chapter Master - 255
Art. Armour, TH, Digital Weapons, Jump Pack and The Shield Eternal
Librarian - 90
Level 2
Tactical Squad 1 - 160
10 Man, Heavy Bolter, Veteran Sergeant
Tactical Squad 2 - 191
9 Man, Flamer, Veteran Sergeant, Power Maul, Drop Pod
Tactical Squad 3 - 165
5 Man, Lascannon, Razorback (TL Lascannon)
Tactical Squad 4 - 125
5 Man, Meltagun, Combimelta, Rhino
Vanguard Veteran Squad (Jump Packs) - 219
7 Man, 1 Relic Blade/Storm Shield, 2 Storm Shields, 2 Melta Bombs
Dev Squad - 170
5 Man, 4 Missile Launchers, 4 Flak Missiles
Vindicator - 125

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Anyone? Please? lol! Does anyone have any advice on what to do in a tournament list where you can't change the list game to game and not all the enemies have fliers? The Flak missiles are a huge waste of 40 points right now if the enemy has no fliers.
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