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I've been toying around with a new Crimson Fist army and came up with this list. Let me know what you think.

HQ - Pedro Kantor

Scout Squad (x5) with LS Storm

Tactical Squad (x10) Plasma Gun and Plasma Cannon

Tactical Squad (x10)

Sternguard (x5) Multi-Melta (x1) Combi-Melta (x3) Drop Pod

Sternguard (x5) Heavy Flamer (x1) Combi-Flamer (x3) Drop Pod

Ironclad Dreadnaught with Power Fist, Seismic Hammer, Meltagun, and Heavy Flamer Drop Pod

Fast Attack
Stormtalon Gunship with Skyhammer Missiles and TL Assault Cannon

Heavy Support
Stormraven Gunship with Storm Strike Missiles, TL Las, and TL MM

Meant to hit hard and fast in turns 1&2 and have the gunships on in turns 3 or 4 to mop up.

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Ok, I would consider the following;

Drop the Landspeeder Storm on the Scouts.
Drop the Plasma Gun and Plasma Cannon on the first Tactical squad.
Give the two Tactical Squads a Rhino with your newfound points. Moving them is great, the scouts have infiltrate and obviously scout, so they can position themselves early.
Also, consider dropping the MM from the first Sternguard squad as it will only slow them down and consider giving them more Combis if possible.
The Raven and Talon are fine as is IMHO.
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