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Creating new Chapters

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Ok I've been in the Warhammer universe for quite a long time but there is still so much i don't know. I really like the stories (fluff) behind legions and decided I want to make my own Chapter. Now what I had in mind was a descendant of the Iron Hands. But i have a few questions i need answered to understand how things work.

Are the Iron hands still around? I know about the dropsite massacre and how Ferrus Manus was betrayed by Fulgrim. But i also know that there are other chapters. Does this mean the Iron hands are still in duty or did they altogether split into the chapters and are no more?

Also could you tell me how a chapter might be formed in detail? Like what force would come to a planet and why would the accompanying astartes choose to make a founding chapter of them. (i think astartes accompany each fleet spreading the Imperial Truth)

I just don't want to make a very detailed background and it's full of events that wouldn't happen that way or make sense, you know? I sound really stupid now i'm sure but just let me know and then I'll reply back with my Chapters storyline :) Thanks everyone and good night!
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http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Founding That should help. Iron hands are still active.
Here this is one of the best sources/guides I have ever seen for creating a strong chapter fluffwise. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?showtopic=132379

Of course there are many who disagree with the methods used here; but you can truly create a awe inspiring chapter when you actually consider all that goes into creating a chapter.

You might even wanna take a look at my own chapter to figure out some ideas.

Good Luck :victory:
Astartes don't accompany the fleets spreading the Imperial 'truth', on top of that excellent Bolter&Chainsword article for creating a new Chapter know that each Chapter is created by the order of the High Lords 99% of the time. The Astartes themselves don't usually get to choose.
@Baron Spikey Well if the Astatres don't go with the High Lords as you say then why when a new chapter is formed it has similiarties to the original Legion?
@Baron Spikey Well if the Astatres don't go with the High Lords as you say then why when a new chapter is formed it has similiarties to the original Legion?
Because typically the new chapters neophytes are trained by a contingent of marines led by a captain from their parent chapter where they got the geneseed from. That parent chapter may not even be of the first founding or the second; but because their geneseed can be traced back to the first founding its pretty much obvious who their primarch is. So sometimes the traditions and all that other stuff stick with the new chapter sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes that captain will become the new born chapters very first chapter master and sometimes he gets recalled back to his chapter. But thats how it normally goes.
Oh i see. Now I have been reading all the replies you've sent me and the links were helpful. I think I've got a good idea for a chapter and I want your opinion.
They are going to be very heavily influenced by machines (just like the Iron hands) and their color scheme is a silver primer with gold and bronze over-topping. I made a color scheme using the bolter&chainsword painter but I couldn't get the URL to work. (if you know how to get it to work, let me know please)
For their name i was thinking the Ferrugothian Knights. Ferrugo/Ferrugineus translates to being of rust or a metallic color.
Can a chapter technically be founded in basically any timeperiod?
Chapters are founded as part of a larger 'Founding'. The High Lords decide that a number of new chapters are to be founded all at once every so often.

Again: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Founding

You obviously have a lot of questions, which is good. This is the place to ask them - but I also suggest reading your Codex and surfing Lexicanum. You will learn more, quicker like that and need only ask the unanswered questions here.
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