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Crazy idea

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I had a idea how fun it would be if I could actually manage to fit a Greater Daemon into a 500 points list, and here is the list I made.

Daemon Prince with mark of Khorne 120 points


10 Chaos Marines 185 Points.
Aspiring Champion, Mark of Chaos Glore and 2 flamers.

5 Chaos Marines 95 points.
Aspiring Champion and Flamer.

Thats 400 points, so that leaves 100 points, the cost of a Summoned Greater Daemon :so_happy:

Comments would be nice, even if there is not much that can be changed and still have enough points for a Greater Daemon.
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greater daemons just don't cut it when they are forced to be such a plain and non-dangerous unit (its slow, not very tough, and you have to sacrifice a 30+ pt model for it)

in 500pts its better off just to get a decent daemon prince and fill around it with a few squads of men (ideal to get atleast two squads both with a champ w/fist and use extra points for weaponry/men)

You wont find much in 500pts (hordes CAN get alot of men, but they can still be beaten down easily) and the more marines you bring the better (daemon prince with a lash does WONDERS in a 500 pt game, sadly people get pissed at lash users)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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