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Crazy idea

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I had a idea how fun it would be if I could actually manage to fit a Greater Daemon into a 500 points list, and here is the list I made.

Daemon Prince with mark of Khorne 120 points


10 Chaos Marines 185 Points.
Aspiring Champion, Mark of Chaos Glore and 2 flamers.

5 Chaos Marines 95 points.
Aspiring Champion and Flamer.

Thats 400 points, so that leaves 100 points, the cost of a Summoned Greater Daemon :so_happy:

Comments would be nice, even if there is not much that can be changed and still have enough points for a Greater Daemon.
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Troops on foot, walking DP with no psychic powers, and no ranged weapons higher than S4???

Sorry, but i would have to say you would be struggling for a win.
daemon prince with a lash does WONDERS in a 500 pt game, sadly people get pissed at lash users
Daemon Prince
- MoS
- LoS
- Wings
155 points

6 Noise Marines
- 3 Sonic Blasters
- Blastmaster
175 points

6 Noise Marines
- 2 Sonic Blasters
- Blastmaster
170 points

500 points of cheese.
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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