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How far could you drive a regular rhino and use a psychic ability. How about a shooting psychic ability?

Can you use a force weapon in your opponents turn if you cast a psychic ability during your turn?
1 -Dempnds on the type of ability. Yolu can use any psychic power that isn't a shooting attack from within a rhino or toehr tank (unless otherwise stated). Shooting psychic attacks have the normal shooting rules fo you can move 6" a shoot upto 2 shoots out of the rhinos hatch or 12" if it's Fast (like the Blood Angles one)

2 - You can use upto X powers per turn. This is only that turn as with rules like Furious charge. It means that yes you can use your force weapon as well as some psychic powers which allow this such as Might of the Anciants and Sanguine Shield which speciafically say they can be used turing your oppoents turn.
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