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Alright everyone, the time is finally here, and the RP begins. The first post is a slower one to get everyone acclimated to the format, and to give insight into the characters. I'll try to keep updates weekly. Players PM me if you can't post for some reason. Replies should be roughly one paragraph at the smallest. Enjoy!

Canis System, Kulth. Tertiary Imperial Defensive Perimeter: Camp Echo. 20 kilometers from the front.

Camp Echo, a large Imperial Guard station, setup on the far edge of the tertiary Imperial defensive line. The first parallel fell over a month ago, and the second defensive perimeter is being challenged by the Orks as the units here prepare their equipment and wait for briefing. The camp is almost wholly occupied by members of the Vostroyan 241st, a rather rag-tag, if not resourceful, unit made up of a collection of Vostroyans thrown together from other demolished squads and battalions, containing soldiers from all walks of life. This leads to a wide and very versatile set of skills, and a wide and interesting collection of Vostroyans. The 241st were very recently shipped in to provide reinforcement for what should be very standard defensive operation.

A mixed air of excitement and unease hangs over Echo, with new recruits worried about being thrust back into combat on a new world, against Orks who know the lay of the land from 85 years of contesting Kulth, and seasoned Veterans ready to put some Greenskins on the business end of a melta in the name of the Emperor.

On the far, back edge of the camp, a Vostroyan with a Hot shot rifle sits with his feet kicked up on the railing before the range itself, confronted by several other Vostroyans.

"Alright Harmon," one of the men standing replies, "You got me. I don't know why I keep against your aim. You actually shot the pin out of a grenade. But now I'm down 15 Thrones." (Thrones are the currency of 40k)

A wider grin than usual plasters the sniper's face.

In a large supply building located in the interior of the camp, a booming voice demands to see and inspect the state of the explosives in the armory. Two rather intimidated looking supply officers are trying to inform him he doesn't have the authority to do so.

"G-Guardsman Valentine, was it? Sir, you simply don't have the authorization to go into the armory and.. 'Inspect' the explosives."

The other supply officer chimes in, emboldened by his comrade.

"And why are the explosives your business anyways?"

In the enormous motor pool, dominated by scores of Chimaera transports and Leman Russes, along with a handful of Super Heavy Tanks, a stocky but very obviously physically powerful Vostroyan with a thick mustache is loading a Chimaera that he and his squad will eventually use for transport to the front. He moves towards the front of the vehicle, and loads up the twin linked heavy bolters mounted on the forward turret, as the Chimaera's driver approaches him from behind.

"Gorski, I hear the Greenskins are coming out in hordes. Scuttlebutt says second perimeter falls within a fortnight. What do you think?"

Near the command center of the camp, inside a non-combat supply building, a slim man with dark hair picks through medical supplies, frowning in disgust at the lack of advanced medical gear. There were medi-packs and kits by the dozen, but for anything more serious than that, there was little to no equipment. The men would have to be transported at least 10 Kilometers to Camp Delta, and that was assuming they were injured here, and not at the front.

In the interior of the command center, in the office of General Kolovski, A Veteran sergeant is addressed by his superior.

"Sergeant Bullert, these will be your men." Kolovski slaps down four file folders onto the table. "I understand this is very rushed and last minute, but seeing as we are the Vostroyan 241st, our goal is to be flexible with the resources we are given. You will need to find and collect these men and then report back here for your briefing. Are we clear?"

The sergeant glances down at the file folders for a moment before returning his gaze back to the General.

Your stories begin here.

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Maximinus's optic eye rotated a little clockwise and then completely anti-clockwise

"crystal clear General, crystal clear" Maximinus said picking the folders before saluting the General.

turning around and walking out of the office, his walk was heavy, loud each footstep was booming it echoed though the halls, it was also slightly slow showing he did enjoy walking a little it gave him times and look over the files, his optic eye was busy scanning, documenting and categorizing the files, then and now it rotated showing it was zooming out and in and his left eye was kept on where he was walking which had just left the command center and to non-combat supply building where apparently The Medic of his new squad was to be.

as one Medic walked through the hallway Maximinus stops him "excuse me you do know where a Alex Voskinov would at this time?" he said

the medic thought for a moment "last time I saw him he was looking over our medical supplies in and ranting about the lack of advanced medical gear" He said

"thank you" he replied and continued on reaching the door Maximinus's long shadow crawled up the door as grabbed the handle, opening it he saw a man with dark hair picking through medical supplies "Alex Voskinov?" he said suddenly so to take this man by surprise.

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Harmon Colivan

Harmon carefully stowed his long-las into its' carrying case while he scooped up the bets at the testing field table. Other guardsmen were full of mirth and jeered at the would be marksmen that attempted the same feat. It was good to see people that still laughed here, a gruelling campaign like this was no easy thing, other men secretly hoped that the Emperor's finest the Adeptus Astartes would come help them. If they came at all.

“Thank you gents for your kind donations,” Harmon said with a smile as he slung his rifle onto his shoulder. Some guardsmen laughed in reply.

“Where are you off to now?” A burly loader asked.

“Going to the admin block,” Harmon replied, “New orders apparently... With a new platoon.”

“Good luck with that eh.” He said while others also mirrored the sentiment.

“Thanks,” Harmon said and left the compound.

The whole of Camp Echo was full of the sounds of heavy armour as it thundered by as well as the roar of heavy duty landers that deposited new regiments. New regiments that were ready to be devoured by the meat grinder that is Kulth. The scent of promethium was thick in the air as Harmon navigated his way past a fuelling dock. A heavily muscled bosun yelled orders at the workmen to heft an Earthshaker Barrel back onto its' stowage position.

Harmon quickly consulted his data pad with a map on it. The admin block should be close by he thought, an Ecclesiarchal priest nearby began to preach of the Emperor's greatness, Harmon made a quick sign of reverence as he walked by the flock. Suddenly he felt someone bump into him. It was a young adept and the impact pushed her onto her back side. He reached down to give her a hand.

“Sorry about that,” she mumbled as she hid her face behind her cowl. “I'm just heading to the administration block.

“Don't worry about it,” he replied, “Actually I'm headed there myself.”

He lifted her up back up gently. “Would you mind taking me there?” Harmon said and gestured to his data pad. “Blasted thing isn't working right I think.”

She nodded wordlessly and began to walk ahead of him. Soon he saw the hard grey buildings of the admin block come into view. It was standard Imperial Guard fare with an emphasis on utility and a few touches of the Emperor's greatness here and there. The adept turned toward him and quietly stated that they were here.

“Thanks for taking me here,” Harmon said. She nodded and then left. The administration block was a flurry of activity as senior officers, junior officers and attached personnel navigated huge amounts of data. Making his way to one of the areas for the Vostroyan 241st Harmon sat down at the desk of a captain. The man had a thick black moustache and decorated in finely wrought clothes.

“Sir,” He said and saluted, the man in turn also saluted and turned his attention on to Harmon. “I was supposed to meet a sergeant Bullert for my reassignment.” he stated.

“You just missed him,” The captain said gruffly and pointed towards the direction of the medical supply compound.

“Also about my form for more long-las barrels to the munitorium any word on that?” He asked, “I can't fight the war on one barrel. I'm going to burn out in 20 shots.”

“I'll see what I can do,” He replied shortly and waved him off. “Dismissed”

Harmon saluted and left to go find where the sergeant could be.

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Soon it will be time. Gorski thought to himself while hauling a crate of ammunition for the transports forward mounted weapon. Normally a mechanicus tech crew would be doing such a thing, but their ministrations were required elsewhere to make the mainline tanks ready. Though this was not battle itself, Gorski did not mind the duty; for any action in the name of the God-Emperor was service unto itself. With a grunt, the Vostroyan listed the heavy crate onto his shoulder and marched into the chimera transports forward interior. Within the vehicle was dark, only the red auxiliary lights were active and the light from the motor-pool spilling in through viewports.

Setting the crate down in the middle of the main hold, Gorski pulled the metal container towards the driving column and began the task of loading up a spool of ammunition. As he did so, someone else entered the transport before speaking. "Gorski, I hear the Greenskins are coming out in hordes. Scuttlebutt says second perimeter falls within a fortnight. What do you think?" The driver of the chimera said, his choice of words made Gorksi's brow furrow as he tried to grasp the meaning of the foreign word 'scuttlebutt'.

"How many times have you been told to stop slinging in off-world words like that? What does a scuttle-bug have to do with faithless rumours?" Gorski growled back, slipping in a belt of thick ammunition and then continuing. "The second line will not fall and you know that. It is defended by Firstborn and we don't relent until either we or the enemy is a pile of courses. And by the time either of those has the chance of happening you know the two-forty first will be there to maintain."

With that, Gorski snapped the forward guns locking mechanism back into place and stood up to his full height, turning to look at the chimera's driver. The man had a little on him in height, but his body was of a significantly slimmer stock and time spent manning this vehicle had definitely sapped some of his training. His stance and posture exemplified this, and the shortened cut to his mustache betrayed an offworld influence to it. "Now stop standing there and get back to work, or my fist will find a new home in your guts." Gorski said while stomping off out of the transport to continue their preparations.
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As the Sudden voice that broke the silence that surrounded Voskinov was broken Alex flinched and almost lost grip on the syringes in hand, quickly stopping them from falling. Alex quickly gained his composure and turned to see who had disturbed him. Seeing who it was he quickly stood up and saluted.
"Sir, I had heard you had been leading us, I am very proud to serve under you, I was just about to leave and look for you myself."
Alex quickly mentally checked if he had everything he needed.
Diagnosticater? Check.
Medi-pack? Check.
Injector? Alex quickly looked around seeing it at the end of the table.
Alex looked back up. "Ready to go sir!"

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Maximinus's optic eye rotated a little clockwise and then completely anti-clockwise as he stepped forward and sized Alex up he was tall, about half a foot taller than he was, he looked younger too must of been 21, 22 "At Ease I assume you know who I am then?" He said crossing his arms and looked around the lab *at least it's clean* he thought running his finger along one of the table.

Maximinus's optic eye then pulls up Alex's background info and with a surprise look on his face turned back Alex "You fought against a Dark Eldar raid? on your own? and showed.........True Selfless Courage?" he said an quiet and calm voice as he stepped closer

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"G-Guardsman Valentine, was it? Sir, you simply don't have the authorization to go into the armory and.. 'Inspect' the explosives." The other supply officer chimes in, emboldened by his comrade. "....and why are the explosives your business anyways?"

These idiotic Minutorium sacks of flesh wouldn't know how to handle these beautiful contraptions, Alexander hought to himself. He looked at the more staunched of the two and thought what a disgusting idea it was to leave good equiptment in the hands of pencil pushers.

"Listen here bub," Alexander said as his voice boomed over all other noise,"..I've been working with these "explosives" since I arrived here. I have yet to have anyone stop me in my sacred duty to watch over the Emporers tolls of war for which he gives our mighty armiews to do battle aganst the Xeno's. Now are you going to get in my way, or shall I get the Commissar to review both your positions?"

The smaller of the two turned sheet white while the other seemed only to seeth with hate. Well if I'm not pissing off at least one person then I'm not doing my job, he thought to himself. To make his point he grabbed a MkVIII Frag gernade laying loosly on top of a nearbye crate.

"This is a breach of Protocol on how you store these explosives. One wrong slip of the hand," and Alexander let go of the gernade's pin while holding the spool in his finger. As the gernade started to beep both Minitorium clerics dove behind nearbye crates. Alexander expertly re-inserted the pin; feeling the familiar wieght of the trigger mechanism welcome the pin back into it's place.

"....and we could all be cannon fodder. Now if you gents don't mind I have some work to do." He strolled past the one behind the gernade crate, enjoying the yelp he got when he placed the gernade back down on the tabel next to him. As Alexander walked deeper and deeper into the Depot he could feel the feeling of comfort return to him. He saw weapons, his weapons, lay out in front of him in massive stacks of shipping crates designed for Void travel. Frags here, boxes upon boxes of Demo Charges, a small section of Melta's, and even a few Hopper Mines locked behind a fenced area.

Grabbing his a Demo Charge he sat down at a nearbye table in a boxed off section; something he had made a few days before when those Minitorium clowns had started attempting to deny him access. Pulling his tool from his belt he broke open the devices interior and started running through a few idea's on how to make it more effective against his hated enemy; the Ork.

It wasn't until much later that he thought he heard footsteps approaching.
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