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I'll be blunt. I don't have anything written for it yet, but I have all the fluff I need to write something, the only thing stopping me is writers block :ireful2:

The chapter in question was formed in 889.M34, and at the chapter's current standing went renegade approximately 975700.M35 (so roughly what, 811 years?) Anyway, they spent some time in the warp because their engines were damaged when they fled their battle against the Imperium (escaped through the skin of their teeth thing, lost majority of their chapter in the process, yada yada) and came out a few thousand years later. At the fluff's current date they came out of the warp roughly 309 years ago and have being relatively active in the sector they reemerged from (sector not being in total control by the Imperium at the time, a real "hot spot" for xenos and traitors for the Imperium)

they did settle on a new homeworld, and made their fortress monastery out of a well defended (but abandoned) mining facility, constructed a few added defenses and rooms, and converted the rest according to their requirements. Because they lost about 700 of their Brothers in a desparate retreat from the Imperium, they enacted the art of replicae to replenish their numbers. Some of the consequences they noted were fangs, claws, are highly sensitive to bright lights, and their bodies begin to break down after a time, resulting in a quicker need for bionic replacement parts, both internally and externally

not really sure how I should put this in the form of an IA for the chapter, so any help would be highly appreciated :)
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