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Coteaz Psychic Powers and Uses

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Of the 4 options: Divination, Pyromancy, Telekinesis or his three powers, Hammerhand, Sanctuary, and Dark Excommunication, which powers would you choose?

I'm leaning towards Divination hoping to get forewarning or putting him with a blob IG and use perfect timing but I can't decide. I've never really used psykers before but heard good things about putting him together with IG.

How do you use him most effectively when allying with IG?

Any advice is appreciated!
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I'm pretty sure he can't use Hammerhand/Sanctuary/Dark Excommunication any more (which makes sense now that Daemonic Gifts aren't Wargear - Dark Excommunication could do some seriously weird things in this edition).

As for what table he should roll on, Divination every time. It's way better than Pyromancy or Telekinesis, in my view. Telekinesis has some good stuff, but it's very inconsistent with a poor Primaris; Pyromancy is just a less reliable way of buying guns.
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