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Corvus Pattern Battle Strider

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It's a walker vehicle for my marines, for use in apoc games.

Bigger than a dread, smaller than a titan. Akin to an AT-ST from star wars.
Kitbashed from an airfix robogear kit, some lego and other bit from my bits box.

'Penitent' bomber is just for scale.

Fluffwise, my marine's homeworld is fairly mountainous, with many inaccessible to tracked vehicles - areas. Speeders can reach them, but speeders don't generally have the staying power if trouble presents.
I've given it armour F13 S12 R10, BS4 WS4 S5 I4 A1 (vdr) Fully armoured.
Twin lascannons and two missile launchers.
and it comes out at 183 pts.

Pricey for a standard game, but fine in a 6000pt+ apoc game.
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It has ONE more point of armour on the front than a dread, so compare it to a dread, not a pred. Apples and bananas, people. It is, after all, bigger than a dread (twice the size), so I figured the extra point wasn't out of the question. The legs are getting some extra armour plates applied (after I cut up some rivets) to bulk it up some more.

The predator kits (as is) doesn't look like it has A13 on the front anyway. It's still a rhino with extra guns, unless you modify the front to look more heavily armoured (mine are.). It doesn't look like it carries more armour than a dread - let alone a rhino.

Also note, it's still a walker, not an agile walker. It only moves 6" and has one 'stomp' attack (no ccws). The extra point of armour is my trade off for that.
In the process. I have a life (and wife) outside this gaming lark.
Have to go and get some rod to cut up into rivets for the leg armour.

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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