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Coolest looking armies from favorite to least?

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I just wanted to see what are the general consensus regarding your favorite armies. This has nothing to do with the game play aspect, just the general look and feel of the particular armies. I didn't want to do a poll because I wanted to have your opinion of all the armies in ranks.

Note: Space Marine, Space Wolves, and other chapter are counted as Space Marine Chapter.

The following 40K race include in this concensus are: All Space Marine Chapter, Chaos Space Marine, Orks, Tau, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Necrons, Tryanids, and Imperial Guard

The rules are that 1 is your favorite while 9 is your least favorite.

Here is mine:

1. Imperial Guard
2. Tau Empire
3. Space Marine Chapter
4. Chaos Space Marine
5. Tryanids
6. Eldar
7. Orks
8. Necrons
9. Dark Eldar

Your Turn:​
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Not much love for Orks.
Seems people either love them or hate them. :laugh:
well i gave them a 6, i like them just probably the 6th army id get if i started another. but my heart is wrapped in chaos, making me a thousand sons show case army to enter into Golden Daemons. but yea that will be after i get a land raider a squad of terminators and 20 more marines for my primary slaanesh army putting me at like 7000 points or so. then i will start my show case dream. after the Tsons ill start a Nightlords army.
1: imperial guard (armoured battlegroup)
2: imperial guard (praetorians)
3: imperial guard (valhallans)
4: imperial guard (mordians)
5: imperial guard (old cadians)
6: chaos renegades (FW nurgle)
7: space marines (red scorpions)
8: Tau
9: Orks (bad moons)

although orks are 9 there not my least, this list would continue and boring bland necrons would easily be last, even dark eldar would be 1 above them
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1. Eldar
2. Grey Knights.
3. Praetorian Imperial Guard.
4. Regular space marines. Un-be-blinged with skulls or spikes or other crud.

Everything else fails to rate.
I have NEVER liked the designs for the rest of the armies - or their fluff.
1- Eldar
2- Space Wolves
3- Orks
4- Dark Eldar (for their fluff and feel which is awesome, when they get new shiny models I suspect 2nd place for them)
5- Imperial Guard
6- Nids
7- Witch Hunters
8- Chaos
9- All other SM
Last out of the rest- Necrons

Eldar (both kinds), Orks and Space Wolves are the ones I'd collect if I'm not already. Necrons are last for being just (to me) a little on the dull side, and by dull I mean metal, some more metal with some metallic sprinkles.
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1. Tyranids
2. Eldar
3. Tau
4. Dark Eldar
5. Orks
6. CSM
7. Guard
8. SM

Yes, I hate the Imperium, except for DH and WH.
1.Chaos Space Marines
2. Space Marines
3. Eldar
4. Necron
5. Tyranids
6. Ork
7. Imp gaurd
8. Dark Eldar
9. Tau

I like the different paint schemes that are offered in the Necron codex but always see silver... Chaos Space marines...mainly due to the Thousand Sons models...oh who am I kidding all the Chaos Marines are sweet... Imp Gaurd look like GI Joe and Tau, well I don't like the look of there ships...
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2.grey knights
thats my top 6
1. Traitor Guard (IG but spikier)
2. Chaos Space Marines (Thousand sons!!)
3. Orks
4. Tyranids
5. Tau
6. Space Marines (Black templars would be a bit higher)
7. Eldar
8. Deamons
9. Inquisition
10. Necrons
11. Dark Eldar (Could look awesome with an update)
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1- Tau (not their generic scheem, I actualy hate the tan, they need to be done in somthing crazy)
2- DE*
3- Chaos Daemons
4- eldar
5- IG
6- Inquisition (if we were judgeing by best single models, these guys would be mutch higher)
8- CSM
9- nechrons
10- Orks

although even the orks look kinda cool, its just everythign else looks cooler.

*Ok, this needs explaining... normaly, these guys are hideous, but my mental immage of them is biased by the astonishingly well painted army of them at my local (ha) game store, imagine a giant wave of those flimsy skimmer things, and the colors from end to end is just this kind of opalecent wash fadeing through dark pinks and purple like some sort of trippy warp rift on the table top. And the models just lend itself to it, you kinda need to see it.
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