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Coolest looking armies from favorite to least?

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I just wanted to see what are the general consensus regarding your favorite armies. This has nothing to do with the game play aspect, just the general look and feel of the particular armies. I didn't want to do a poll because I wanted to have your opinion of all the armies in ranks.

Note: Space Marine, Space Wolves, and other chapter are counted as Space Marine Chapter.

The following 40K race include in this concensus are: All Space Marine Chapter, Chaos Space Marine, Orks, Tau, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Necrons, Tryanids, and Imperial Guard

The rules are that 1 is your favorite while 9 is your least favorite.

Here is mine:

1. Imperial Guard
2. Tau Empire
3. Space Marine Chapter
4. Chaos Space Marine
5. Tryanids
6. Eldar
7. Orks
8. Necrons
9. Dark Eldar

Your Turn:​
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1.Blood Angel's
4.Grey Knights
5.Sisters of Battle
6.Chaos Marines
8.Chaos Demons
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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