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Cool idea for Spacemarines

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i was playing at the weekend when i thougt of this, what about taking two landraiders and loads of assault stuff and dreds. Move the landraiders and stuff forwards and charge when the enemy gets close. If 2 landraiders doesn't scare them then dreds and assault marines should. I haven't use these tactics yet but the landraider is expensive and would just be for laughs if i did but even when i use one my mates groan and struggle to kill them with there missiles :twisted: and if thats not enough i'd have some sick characters with lightning claws and thunder hammer :twisted: :twisted:
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They will. Most Deathwing players are the sort that form the core of the hobby, and they're great for sales of otherwise low-selling items. More sales and better game? GW would never ouch it.

As for the tactics, that's silly. It sounds all shiny and cool,until three lascannon destroys half your points in the first turn.
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