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Cool idea for Spacemarines

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i was playing at the weekend when i thougt of this, what about taking two landraiders and loads of assault stuff and dreds. Move the landraiders and stuff forwards and charge when the enemy gets close. If 2 landraiders doesn't scare them then dreds and assault marines should. I haven't use these tactics yet but the landraider is expensive and would just be for laughs if i did but even when i use one my mates groan and struggle to kill them with there missiles :twisted: and if thats not enough i'd have some sick characters with lightning claws and thunder hammer :twisted: :twisted:
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Well lucky for you i have done this befre (but it was in a team game, i would never sink over $100 into 2 LRs) I was playing with my Daemonhunter friend who had just started collecting the hunters. I had a ton of extra points to play with (like somewhere in the arena of 1000 with 1500 point teams) And that was after he had his Lr in it and everything SO i was the hapiest kid ever because i usually only have 750 points to use which kills my HQs :(. Anyway playing agains the Tau and a division of Tau-sypothist IG. We thought it would be jolly good fun to charge the LRs up their flanks whit each loaded with our HQ squad. Sounded perfect in theory. I even had 2 tactical squads with a lascannon and a heavy bolter and a devestator squad with 2 misslie launcehrs in the back supported by a dread. All of our termies were in reserve and we were set. Sadly we forgot that we were playing with seperate army lists per player (but each team only had to have 2 troops and an HQ since my ally had only 1 squad of knights.) If you play the IG u can guess what that means. 3 count them 3!! Lemen Russ!!!! 2 battle tanks and 1 demoliser. Ouch. First turn was perfect. Moved the raiders 12" and launched smoke. mine in the front got shaken but was otherwise unharmed. 2nd turn i was shaken again and the stupid hammerhead hit for once. It destroyed my left las-sponson which pointed toward them. On the next turn they succeded in breaching my armor enough to kill my raider and (to my surprise and anger) the hammerhead blew the following raider to slag and at that turn the game was over. My HQ was dropped off RIGHT next to a whole mob of kroot which tied them up for the rest of the game and the inquisitor was blow to nothingness by a remaining battlecannon. MY dread fell the next turn and my dev squad and tactical squads followed shortly after. The support had scored an amazing zip, zilch, notta, and 0 dammage to the enemy. My LR managed to immobilise the hammerhead. All in all it was a horrible game and not fun. the moral is DONT USE 2 LRs IN A GAME WITH FEWER THAN 2000-3000 POINTS!
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