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Cool idea for Spacemarines

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i was playing at the weekend when i thougt of this, what about taking two landraiders and loads of assault stuff and dreds. Move the landraiders and stuff forwards and charge when the enemy gets close. If 2 landraiders doesn't scare them then dreds and assault marines should. I haven't use these tactics yet but the landraider is expensive and would just be for laughs if i did but even when i use one my mates groan and struggle to kill them with there missiles :twisted: and if thats not enough i'd have some sick characters with lightning claws and thunder hammer :twisted: :twisted:
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ok i will look at making a list. My landraider doen't usually die but i guess it is a lot of points. It usually just absorbs lots of missiles and kill my friends tanks and sometimes his lord in terminator armour [he forgot that lascannons still instant killed him even though he had extra +T from daemon gifts[i didn't :twisted: ]
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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