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Cool idea for Spacemarines

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i was playing at the weekend when i thougt of this, what about taking two landraiders and loads of assault stuff and dreds. Move the landraiders and stuff forwards and charge when the enemy gets close. If 2 landraiders doesn't scare them then dreds and assault marines should. I haven't use these tactics yet but the landraider is expensive and would just be for laughs if i did but even when i use one my mates groan and struggle to kill them with there missiles :twisted: and if thats not enough i'd have some sick characters with lightning claws and thunder hammer :twisted: :twisted:
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I would caution against this tactic. Merely due to the large amount of points tied up in the Lnadraiders. While ARM 14 seems to be solid in todays amries most traces have something that can breach the behemoth. They are great fun and look real good on the table.

Think of it this way. If you face off against MEQ armies they will have loads of assault cannons, Guass weapons or the sort and if your entire strategy lies in using the ARM 14 to run forward you will be sad.

Now if you were able to take the LR and then a fast element to force the opponent to split fire or take causilities the tactic might work. I think it would be a viable list in a larger game as you have more points to work with.

I run an Ork list with around 150-160 figs and if you take 2 Landraiders and a couple of dread in a list you would be outnumbered vastly. As the Ork player I can take loads of deaths(grots will eat most of the lead) but you have few marines so cannot take as much. Not to mention the fact that a few pieplates with some Pen 6 will be sadness indeed.

The advice about the Wing is solid as they are able to lay down loads of fire. You leanr to work with few figs plus they look good to boot.

Hope this is clear.

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