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I can answer most of those questions.

Rulebook obviously, is there a smaller version then that huge 30-40 quid monstrosity?

I'm afraid not, you have to get the Rulebook.

Are there any sets worth buying that make war of the ring easier?

If you mean like Mines of Moria, then no, there are no sets that I'm aware of at the moment. I think there was this thing similar to the megaforces in 40K some time ago, but I don't think they're avalible any more.

Would i be able to ally the small number of men of minas tirith with my valiant rohirrim?

Yes. I don't have the rulebook on me at the moment, but there is a certain limit that you're aloud to ally to.

Also any tips on models and tactics for the rohirrim/ things to watch out for in games.

Not sure as I don't play much games.

Are they any better than your average knight of minas tirith?

Knights of Dol Amroth, Riders of Rohan...

Also I'm low on charactors one captain and a couple of heroes, is war of the ring highly charactor based, would i need to expand upon my number of heroes?

From what I've heard you need a lot of Magicians. Gandalf the Grey should do for your Rohirrm unless you want Gandalf the White, then you could take him.

I generally take four-five Epic Heroes in 2000 point lists, unless I'm running a Legendary Formation like the Fellowship or the Nine are abroad.

Hope this helps.

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