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I'm a war of the ring virgin, played a fair bit of lord of the rings fantasy battle but never got round to war of the ring as i was just building a brett army (still bloody unfinished) and living in india at the time

I have a fairly large rohirrim army numbering maybe 40 riders plus and a small number of warriors yet I was wondering what i would need to buy in order to convert.

Rulebook obviously, is there a smaller version then that huge 30-40 quid monstrosity?

Are there any sets worth buying that make war of the ring easier?

Would i be able to ally the small number of men of minas tirith with my valiant rohirrim?

Also any tips on models and tactics for the rohirrim/ things to watch out for in games.

Are they any better than your average knight of minas tirith?

Also I'm low on charactors one captain and a couple of heroes, is war of the ring highly charactor based, would i need to expand upon my number of heroes?
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