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I've begun converting several SM Chaplains into CSM units.

I started by shaving off parts of the chapter livery and replaced them with marks of khorne

For my First Conversion I started with:
SM Chaplain with Power fist

Zerker Bunny head

Zerker Chainaxe

The conversion was easy

I cut the ears off the zerker helm and glued them on the chappy head, then I cut the mace head off the Chap's weapon. I then cut the chain axe head off and glue them to the weapon shaft of the chaplains weapon. I cut the khorne talisman off the dangly chain on the chain axe and glued it on the chest. then Painted it up like the rest of my zerkers.

Second Skull champ was made from the a different chap figure. added bunny ears and cut the crosius arm off and replaced with a power fist arm... added several khorne symbols

My last conversion is one of my favorites

I used the chap in termie armor
Blood letter halberd
various khorne icons

I removed the crosius and added the Halberd in its place, I shaved off the imperial icons and replaced them with Khorne Icons...

Pics soon
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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