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Converting a Heretek Magus, Help needed.

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I have just started looking and planning a conversion for my Renegades and Heretics List that will support my Iron Warriors Company.

Now following the theme it makes seance for the Arch-Demagogue of this rable to be a Heretek Magus, But I am at a loss on how to build something to represent this important bloke.

He has a 3+ save, and FNP.. but only T3 so he isnt a marine (but close?)

Any good ideas?
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What size do you want him to be? Take a look at the Inquisition range there are several armored ones that could be bashed to fit the role, also fantasy has some great bits as well.
I've got an old school sorcerer in hooded robe I'm converting for my warband. Cultists or necromunda.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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