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Converting a Heretek Magus, Help needed.

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I have just started looking and planning a conversion for my Renegades and Heretics List that will support my Iron Warriors Company.

Now following the theme it makes seance for the Arch-Demagogue of this rable to be a Heretek Magus, But I am at a loss on how to build something to represent this important bloke.

He has a 3+ save, and FNP.. but only T3 so he isnt a marine (but close?)

Any good ideas?
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How about converting a warrior priest from empire or a chaos lord from WOC? Those would be interesting conversions for an Iron Warriors company.
after giving it a little more thought a techpriest enginseer would make another good conversion as well. it would take some work but it would really fit with the theme for your army.
The Problem I have with the Techpriest is that is a metal model.. which makes conversions... hard. But I could just paint up as a member of the Iron Warriors and it shouldn't look too bad.
I'm sure u can get rid of any imperial or mechanicus iconography and greenstuff or paint chaos iconography or, better yet, attempt to use some bits off of a warpsmith or dark apostle.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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