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Hello Heretics,

This is a conversion I've been working on for some time, since there are no current Abyssal Terrors in the model range, I decided to convert one myself!

This was a fairly ambitious project, but I am extremely pleased with how it turned out. All the components of the model are as follows:

Count Mannfred's Horse and Lower Torso
Wings from the Vargheist box
Upper torso from the Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon
Base created from the GW Shattered Dominion basing kit

It's hard to see from the photos but there was a fair bit of greenstuff needed:
1) To get the upper and lower torsos to connect properly
2) Grafting the wings onto the Horse took several tries and used up about half a pack of greenstuff worth of attempts to finally get right.

Unfortunately these were the best pics I could get from my crappy camera phone, and don't do it nearly the justice it deserves. Once I get it painted up I'll get some photos with a nicer camera for all its glory! Enjoy:

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