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So I'm finally getting myself down to one army for 40k so I can focus and finish one for once. I also have gotten recently hooked on AT-43 which will be a great side game for me with no painting required (i totally recommend to everyone!) and will be needing funds to grow that collection a bit too. So I have some Tau up for sale. I would love for it to go in one lot and will give the price for the whole thing at the end. All models are unpainted, but basecoated black except for the Ethereal and one Fire Warriors unit that is unbasecoated. Also the Stealth Suits and one Crisis Suit are partially painted but can be easily stripped.

1 Ethereal
2 Crisis Suits with Plasma/Missles
3 Crisis Suits with Burst Cannons/Missles (one is missing it's burst cannon and i can't find the bit)
3 Crisis Suits with Fusion Blasters/Missles
6 Stealth Suits with 2 Fusion Blasters
24 Fire Warriors with Pulse Rifles
8 Fire Warriors with Pulse Carbines
About 16 or so Gun Drones (some are still missing a couple flying stands)
4 Shield Drones

I'm going to go a little bit more than 40% off (probably closer to 45% off) and sell it all for $175 and that will include First Class shipping with Delivery Confirmation in the US, or Airmail Parcel Worldwide (may need a bit more, depending on how much the Post Office will charge me to send where you live, but i'd cover most of it). I will probably part it out, but it'll be more towards the 35-40% mark and i'll probably need shipping. So let me know, I'll keep this here for a few days to give my mates here a shot at it and then move it over to Bartertown after the weekend probably. Thanks all!

2.0 on Bartertown
Jasonm72 on Ebay
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