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This is some homebrew for my new imperial guard regiment. Any pointer/ ideas are welcome. I hope you enjoy!

Constantan was once a minor forge world near the eastern fringe with a temperate environment. Constantan specialised in the production of rare technologies using rare STCs, including a large terrasphere generator which maintained and regulated the atmosphere and environment of Constantan. These technologies allow the people of Constantan to prosper due to trade with nearby systems but also gained the attention of others. It wasn’t long until the terrasphere generator caught the eye of the dark mechanicum. The dark mechanicum, with the aid of Space Marines from the Iron Warriors Legion, descended upon Constantan with unrelenting fury. The sky turned black with drop pods as forces of chaos took control of the major manufactorums across the planet. Within a single day fully three quarters of the imperial guard regiments tasked with defending Constantan had either been wiped out completely or had turned on their oaths of allegiance to the mechanicum and emperor. The remaining loyal forces were in disarray, being hunted by their former brother and the mechanical monstrosities unleashed by the dark mechanicum. With all the high command dead and all hope fading for Constantan it fell to an unlikely hero in the form of Lieutenant Olsen of the 17th Regiment to save his home world. The Lieutenant saw the forces of chaos seemed to be concentrating their attention on the terrasphere. Forming his platoon of 100 men into Chimera APC with attached Leman Russ Support Olsen led a suicidal armoured charge at the terrasphere. As the dozer blades of the chimeras ploughed through the assembled ranks of Iron Warriors Lieutenant Olsen’s personal chimera managed to get through to the generator room of the terrasphere, finding the core of the terrasphere had been taken over by a corrupted machine spirit. The corrupted machine spirit started to warp all the machines and weapons around it. The .. chimera was torn open, disgorging … and his command squad. Olsen’s las pistol started to twist out of shape as the corrupted machine spirit altered the reality in the generator room. Only Olsen’s sword remained in tack. Charging, as the altered machines around him tried to stop him, Olsen rammed his sword into the generator core. The machine spirit roared in pain as if its’ heart had perforated. In a blinding flash of light the corrupted machine spirit and the forces of chaos disappeared.

The battle for Constantan was won but at a grave cost. Countless lives were lost; nearly all of the manufactorums and the terrasphere itself were beyond repair. The loss of the terrasphere and STCs required to build it meant the temperate environment it maintained started to deteriorate under the waste produced by the manufactorums over the pervious millennium. Constantan became a harsh environment; the entire plant was covered in the remainders of the forge world that once blanketed the entire planet. Where oceans of water once where there are now pools of bubbling acid due to chemical run off. The soil of constantan, once brown, was now red due to pollution. Constantan's atmosphere filled with particulates. Rolling clouds of toxic smog creep through the now abandoned production lines. The people of Constantan would in time be forced to build small air tight towns as the surface would become so poisonous that re-brethers or environmentally sealed vehicles were the only way to remain outside.

Constantan’s troubles were not over yet. When reinforcements finally arrived they were accompanied by the inquisition. The inquisition, with knowledge of the regiments that turned to chaos, subjected the remaining forces on Constantan to stringent tests of purity. Whilst the remaining Constantan forces tested pure of any chaos taint the inquisition remained untrusting. Constantan and its’ regiments were allowed to exist but owed a debt to the emperor due to the treachery of their brothers. This debt is paid, under the scrutiny of the commissars attached to the regiment to keep a watchful eye for the seeds of heresy. To pay the debt every regiment raised on Constantan is sent to take part in the bloodiest crusades until they have gloriously martyred themselves for the imperium.

All regiments from Constantan are fully armoured regiments. This is in part due to the forge world origins of Constantan and in recognition of the way in which Lieutenant Olsen stormed the terrasphere. Constantan regiments also deploy a wide range of rare equipment due to the historic ties to the mechanicum. All Constantan troopers are equipped with re-breather apparatus due to the atmosphere of Constantan now being unbreathable. This in turn means that Constantan regiments have seen a lot of service on planets with hostile atmospheres. Recently Constantan regiments have seen frequent deployment against tau partially due to the proximity of Constantan to Tau forces and the Tau provide the perfect enemy for the Constantan troopers to martyr themselves upon.

I hope you enjoyed this,
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