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Considering getting a Tyranid army.

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What would be the best purchases for a 1000 pt starter?
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What type of army do you want? If you're looking at a walk and shoot list w/MCs & Gribblies @ 2k it's along the lines of 2x Harpy/Tervigon/T-Fex/10xGants + 3x2 HG & Prime though you can drop the Harpies for a Tyrant, etc. If you were looking for that type of list @ 1k points I'd be aiming for:

Tervigon (from Carnifex box w/modelling)
20-30 Termagants
2x2 Hive Guard
Tyrannofex (from Carnifex box w/modelling)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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