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hi every one

I filled this in once but the site crashed so I lost everything,here I go again.
After watching my brother(Vash)painting and cutting for over 10 years Ive decided to join the merry band of GW so arter a crash course in painting,I purchased my guardsman and and wentFalkland islands for six months>
So far ive painted about 3 squads and three bits of armour,there is a GW supplier in the Falklands(the most southernly in the world!)and I went there on saturday but he was out of chaos black spray!!!!!!
Any wat when I get to the UK I should have a army to put against one of Vashes many armies so if there if any of you tips please send them to me.


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Hi Bro,
Wertypop is running a Guard army called the 23rd Pioneers If I remember rightly.No particular format, until we discover his playing style although he is shaping up to be a bit of a Treadhead!

When he gets back I will put him on an intensive playing/training course so that he can give me a good old run for my money.

The best bet it to start Planning against Chaos as thats what I have most of Werty.

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Welcome aboard Wertpop! (again!) :wink:
Nice to see another guard player, If you any help with your list or general tactics please feel free to give us a shout!
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