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hi guys this might be a simple question but something i quite don't get.

i have just started playing my tzeentch daemons list as allied (as i still don't have enough models to play a full list yet) and i just can't get my head around how the fickering fire of tzeentch works.

When i use Flickering fires do i need to declare what warp charge strength i am going to use? for example i say i'm casting it at 2WC throw four dice get 3 successes, but because it was cast as 2WC it only goes off as a 2WC. but meaning that my opponent would need to deny it three times to prevent it or just two times?


Do i just roll say five D6 and how ever many successes i get up to three is the strength of the spell? if this is the case then with each deny dice does it reduce the warp charge str? for example if i get 3 successes so the spell is going to be 3 WC and my opponent denies 1 does it become a 2 WC spell.

just confused about the whole thing.


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It's a GW oversight. So as not to give myself an unfair advantage, I declare how many WC I am attempting to successfully manifest then roll however many WC worth of dice I want to throw at that number--but the wording of the power in the codex and the wording of Warp Charge in the rulebook are so vague, with relation to each other, it would equally be feasible that you could argue you get D6 shots per die you allocate to the power, regardless of how many successes you roll--it's right there in the wording that every Warp Charge you "attempt" to manifest expended after the first gives you an extra D6 shots! And no "4D6" limit, either--that's just from folks manifesting at WC 3 in the past.

So that RAW interpretation is obviously borked and awful and broken, but I can't find wording to invalidate it, so... really it becomes a personal ethical dilemma. I just plain am not going to spring a situation like that on an enemy unfamiliar with the Daemons codex.

On the other side of the scale, perhaps the wording means that you can only roll up to 3 dice when attempting to manifest the power. After all, each Warp Charge is a D6 roll that on a 4+ succeeds, and the wording wasn't changed when the edition changed--you can allocate 1-3 Warp Charge dice in attempts to succeed, maximum, and get +D6 shots for every success after the first, if any, if, indeed, any successes. You aren't allowed to attempt to manifest 6 Warp Charge because that's well outside the range of Warp Charge it permits.

So the frustratingly vague interaction of the power written for a prior edition that hasn't been FAQ'd is really open to a lot of interpretation and ethical nuance that you have to approach at a kind of... personal level.
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