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It's... a good question, honestly. That GW hasn't addressed. Everywhere I've played, though, when it comes up, we agree that since he can only use one head per turn, he only generates Warp Charge for that one head. RAW, you can make a compelling argument for 8, and they haven't FAQ'ed it... but that is clearly an obscenely imbalanced game mechanic take on it; a relic of the wording of editions past, and more often than not, if I'm playing against a new opponent, I'll be the one bringing Fateweaver and raising the issue of his 2 heads--in order to reassure this new opponent that I am only going to be generating WC from one head per turn.

One thing about him though, that is worth mentioning with 7th edition: He is the only psyker in the entire codex that cannot generate any sort of psyker powers from Daemonology.

All of his powers are pre-stated. It says he knows all Tzeentch and that one head knows one from Biomancy and Divination and the other from Pyromancy and Telepathy.

Just a little heads up if you wanted to bring him for summoning
Be'lakor also falls under this qualification. Not technically "in the codex," but limited to only knowing everything in Telepathy.

I say this because most of my lists these days include both Fatey and Be'la, and hey, summoning's not the end-all-be-all of everything, folks...
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