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this is some stuff am working on for CN, just some quick pics to give u guys an idea of where i am and wot will likley be ready.

better pics to come when projects are more compeleted

Wraithlord first, head is missing coz am stripping it as the pencil lead seemingly messed the paint, doubt ill get this guy finished, he is last on the priority list, if he isnt goin to be ready for CN then ill pimp him out for GD :lol:

orks next, these guys are my main focus

cant see these being as good as the nob, this guys still needs quite a bit of work

Nurgle Champ, My ideal entry but aint even touched him with paint

Ahriman - The likely entry, cant see this guy taking too long to finish, so if am stuck for time ill finish and enter him instead. will drop the nmm and just go for shiny gold metallics, head will be stripped and redone


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Again, loads of great stuff. I'm especially pleased to see an old school
Nurgle Plague Marine champion, love that model. Also great work on the
scenic base, it is for the Kommandos right? Very nice freehand work on
the pipe as well!

Looking forward to seeing these minis progress, I really should get some
time in on my own stuff as well. Damned 'real life' :wink:

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I love the paint on that Kommando base and I can't wait to see the finished product with the flying Wraithlord.

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Great stuff I do love your Ahriman the blending is perfect no matter how many times I see that mini I never get tired of it. Do like the old school as well. Although the Ahriman mini's get on a bit as well now isn't he.

One thing I would say though is I would try and make your Orks a bit dirter considering their race and role.
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