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confict with necrons

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ok i have a list could you give some tactics for it and how to use it effectivly

lord warscythe, resurrection orb 150 pts

10 warriors 180 pts
10 warriors 180 pts

Fast Attack
2 wraiths 82 pts
3 destroyer 150 pts

so could you help pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!! :lol: :roll:
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With smaller games I like the veil of darkness for the manoverability as the Crons are a bit slow to get there.

If someone focuses their fire on those Wraiths or/and Destroyers they will not be getting back up unless your Lord is following them around like an anxious mother. The other thing is the two Wraiths will not do well in combat unsupported and will go down agaisnt most squads due to weight of numbers most of the time.
I would swap them for more Destroyers which would possibly help with both those issues.

Dakka's article can be found Here

Uberschveinen has written a fairly comprehensive set of Necron articles that can be found on this page.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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