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Conclave & Brocon in Limerick, Ireland

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Well with Limerick no longer being the murder capital of Europe it seems the locals have decided to hold a tournament in a bid to attract visitors. Ok, two of them. They must be making up for lost time. They're holding the events in the nicest part of the city - out by the University so no fear there.

There's two events on in July. The first is a one day 40k event on the 10th called Conclave out in the Castletroy Park Hotel and this should have all the details.

The second is Brocon but that may be booked out, partly because they have some Cosplayer or pornstar or whatever...all I know is there's some savage model has a site and likes to play dress-up and dress-down on it. Brocon's site should explain a bit more. It's on the 18th of July but word reaches me that it may be sold out already.

Both are 1750 points and ranked events for the Irish ETC team. That doesn't mean anything if you aren't going for the ETC team so don't worry, there won't be any weird rules additions. It's just the Rulebook plus Codices plus FAQ's (not Adepticon's though).

Hopefully we'll get a decent turn out for both as there's already a big contingent from the Real Capital heading up to both.
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If I find time between my busy schedule of sheep shagging and kicking your arse at football I might head up. :biggrin:
what're the paint reuirements for armies in this By the way? I know a few places won't let armies without basing on them.
ah okay that's cool then. Painting is my weakest part of the hobby so I'm sorted then ha. so If there was a full army with no base decoration people wouldn't mind??
They're painted black *shifty eyes*
Champion Idea my good man! :) definitely 2 heading up anyway, maybe 4 though :)
Hey another thing, Most tournaments have rulespacks, does this one have one and if so where can I get it? also is there painting competitions and the like that are in normal tournaments??
is there anywhere that stuff is published on a website or anything like that? Just weird to have such little info on the actual tournament rules when it's only like 2 weeks away
Nice one. I have to head up the night before (damned public transport!) so I'll definitely be around by that time.
I have some sponsons to convert, 3 tanks and 5 men to paint then I'm sorted. I'm not counting myself as a warhead this is my first tournament that isn't a shop sales pitch one haha
Just finishing off my baal turret. Do you know if extra armour has to be modelled on??
Nice one. I might just do it for the craic anyway. Nobody said the 3 colours have to match sure so half your army could be different
after all that worrying about the painting and basing half the armies didn't even have the 3 colours rules and very few were based. all that worry for nout haha
friends did pretty well. better than me on both accounts but on was under 15, I think they got extra points or easier vps for that. I messed up my games by playing almost too defensively. My list is pretty aggressive and I was so I need to move it in your face style.

Brocon I might try and get a ticket. I'll see how I'm going with everything else, work, study all that jazz
this weekend can't sorry. Work. yeah I have a few from last semester to repeat. thanks for the heads up though
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